We are excited to announce that we are now accepting payment for the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference!

The conference is now 4 days – 3 days (Fri-Sun) is the main energy conference and the 4th day is Thursday, which is focused on mind-body sciences. You can come to just the energy conference if you want or for no extra charge, come to the Thursday conference as well! Consider spending the 4th of July in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Spokane, Washington area so make it a vacation! They’re beautiful cities on the water and close to the conference.

PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS NOW – REGISTER AND SUBMIT PAYMENT: http://energyscienceconference.com/registration-cost/

If you haven’t seen the lineup so far, here’s a summary:

Jeane Manning & Susan Manewich will be back with a presentation and by the way, their new book Hidden Energy will be released in the near future, hopefully by the conference!

John Petersen, two time runner up for Secretary of the US Navy, is considered by many to the the most well-informed futurist – he even served on the White House Security Council for a former administration. He will be opening the energy conference on Friday with an update on where we are at with energy science & technology.

Ken Wheeler will be presenting! He has been highly requested by some of our attendees and he will be presenting on Friday about magnetism. He also has some demonstrations that allow you to visually see more of the inner workings of magnetism like never before and they’re works of art!

Eric Dollard will be giving another 4 hour landmark presentation – this time on the power grid, it’s history and there will be a talk on EMP protection. What has happened to our grid looks like sabotage, but you can be the judge.

David Alzofon will share the gravity control method developed by his father, the late Dr. Frederick Alzofon. This was developed at Lockheed. Dr. Alzofon personally studied with Oppenhemier, Bohm and other fathers of the atomic/nuclear age and in the 1950’s, the US Air Force favored his model above Einstein’s as being a more practical way to achieve gravity control and propulsion without inertia. It’s not theoretical, a 1994 experiment already proved Alzofon’s method and you’re going to learn about it here! I had the honor of having a private meeting with Dr. Alzofon about 15 years ago and what he shared with me is mind-blowing.

Jim Murray has been to five of the six conferences and gave full disclosures on two of his overunity technologies called the Dynaflux Alternator and the Transforming Generator. At one conference, he co-presented with Paul Babcock and demonstrated a unit that lit 50 watts of incandescent bulbs for a net cost of only 1 watt!!! He is considered one of the most important engineers alive today and will be presenting some important information for anyone that is interesting in understanding overunity processes.

Prof. Robert Haralick will be back with Part 2 of his subtle energy research showing more experimental results and experimental protocols. For those of you who are fans of water science, you will not want to miss this. If you’re a fan of Emoto, you need to watch Prof. Haralick’s first presentation because there is more you should know!

Special Guest – if we announced who this presenter was, many of you would attend this conference even if he was the only presenter. He is a world renown scientist who many reputable scientists say has made the most important scientific discovery of the last 100 years!

Yaro Stanchak will present part 2 of the Zero Force Motor invented by John Bedini. Much progress has been made since last conference and it has only been 6 months. At the next conference, it will be 6 more months. This has been a learning process for all of us and thankfully, rapid progress has been made in increasing the efficiency and understanding of this unusual motor.

I will be presenting on Thursday and Friday and will be revealing what these presentations will be about later.

There are other presenters that we will announce in the near future – we are waiting for a few confirmations.

PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS NOW – REGISTER AND SUBMIT PAYMENT: http://energyscienceconference.com/registration-cost/

Aaron Murakami
Energy Science & Technology Conference

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