Agenda: August, 08

Annual General Meeting was a great success – Business was concluded in about one hour and followed by various talks and demonstrations.

We had about 57 in attendance which means we should look for a new venue and we have done just that. We have now booked a New Hall at the Community Centre just Near Alvie Hall and right opposite the Rail Station.

All Address details will be posted very shortly.


Please pass the word around and keep an eye on this notice.

Positions now filled:

President: – Brian Roche
Secretary / Treasury: – Ian Hacon
Secretary Assistant – Vacant – assist in office work
Chairman: – Cameron Ashton
Chief Technical Advisor: – Peter Campbell
Pubic Relations / Media Liaison: – Horace Lim
Law Advisor: – Darryl O’Bryan
Librarian and information co-ordinator: – Martin Cole
Engine Testing Supervisor: – Darrin Farr
Webmaster – Kendal Shoobridge
Event Management – Vacant
Safety Officer – Vacant

Project Executives

Internal Combustion – Darryn Farr
Thermal, Vapour Fuel Systems – Steve Parker
Electro-magnetic Systems – Vacant
Hydrogen / Hydroxy Systems – Cameron Ashton

Green Fleet – Race from Darwin to Adelaide with the Great Solar Challenge

Team Super clean
Internal Combustion – Vapour fuel systems:
Team Leader – Steve Parker
Team – Darryn Farr – Rihai Whaikawa – Darryl O’Bryan – Ian Hacon

Hydroxy Systems:
Team Leader – Cameron Ashton
Team – Everyone

Other items

  1. The SUBARU MOTOR (1.8 Litre EA – 82 to 94 Model 75 HP) is now in the hands of Darryn Farr and his son John who have been very busy setting the engine up as our base test engine. It will be on show at the meeting. We are very grateful for this effort. Darryn will also have his truck on show with a computer control system that will be of great interest. He is also striving for higher MPG with LPG.
  2. ‘THE BREATH OF FIRE’ This unit is the first stage of the GEET system that we intend to hook up to the Subaru engine. This is a most impressive demonstration. Watch out for the ‘FIRE BREATHING MAN’
  3. Cameron also has the latest updates on the Hydroxy development.
  4. The latest on the Bob Boyce cell

Plus your reports and contributions which will make for a most interesting evening.
The coming year looks set for some major achievements.