Agenda: July, 08

Welcome, everyone to our Sixth meeting for 2008.

Start Time 7:30PM (Doors open 7:00PM) We are on notice to finish by 11.00PM to allow the cleaners to clean up. We are open to suggestions but perhaps we could have all presentations as a block and conclude with supper and net working from around 10.00PM. This will mean we need to get off to a more prompt start.

The Death of our President: It is with sadness that we announce the passing of our President, Mr Peter Wade who was buried last Friday. Peter almost made it to our last meeting but the Chemo had ravaged his system and he was unable to make it down from Bendigo. He has been a good friend and has supported our work with generosity.


  1. Peter Campbell has attended the World HYDROGEN CONFERENCE at Brisbane recently. He also presented a paper dealing with the concept of Hydrogen as a future Fuel. Peter is a researcher at the CSIRO into alternative technologies. His experience will give us some insight as to where the establishment’s thinking is at present.
  2. Peter and Ian will also report on the continued experiment’s with the Bob Boyce cell.
  3. Cameron will update us on his latest developments with the Hydroxy cell and its commercial potential. We may even have a brick burning demo.
  4. It was great to see the RAM AIR WING taking shape by a very dedicated member. We hope to hear of any new developments and trial results from the first Ram Wing that has been built. We do have a new DVD available from the USA showing in detail the fibre glassing of the wing and how to do it correctly if any one is interested to get a copy on the night.
  5. The SUBARU MOTOR (1.8 Litre EA – 82 to 94 Model 75 HP) is now in the hands of Darren who has offered to set the engine up on a suitable test stand with instrumentation. Darren has the professional ability to properly evaluate various fuel systems and engine efficiencies. His professional expertise is with Speed Boat racing and the boys with their 400 + HP engines. He has a few ideas that he would like to present to the meeting with the view of developing a friendly, creative and competitive spirit that will enhance the productivity of the Association members.