Please be aware that this is just a demo for the video. Many hours of testing were carried out. It is our opinion that in this set up there are many flaws in the cell design it self and the electronics set up. We believe that Bob has developed a much improved circuit and we would be happy to link other demonstrations that show a much greater success story so please contact us as we really want a positive out come in this technology. Sadly it is slow in coming as we have seen many like Stan Meyer, Freddie of the Freddie cell come and go. We are happy to build and – or – trial any cells that show some promise so please send us any info that would be of use so that we can all assist in the successful development of this technology. Email to We are now of the belief that huge quantities are no needed to run an engine but rather we need the high energy gas as shown in the Joe cell technology. We would encourage the publication of cell performance figures of the more recent Boyce cells if anyone has those figures.

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