It's certainly been an exciting week since we released the demonstration of a circuit that creates 100 watts of real dissipated heat in a power resistor for only 5 watts input! We've been swamped by emails asking us for more details but we actually won't know what will be shared until we actually see the presentation by Jim Murray and Paul Babcock at the conference ourselves! If you didn't see it, check this out:
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Solving the Carbon Conundrum – The Radiant Energy Economy – Part 1

The Radiant Energy Economy. (Part 1) - A practical investigation in to radiant energy technologies, the impact on mankind and the political bastardry associated with them. Compelling viewing for people who care about the future of the human species on this planet. This is a recording from a lecture hosted at Astro Victoria in conjunction with the Association for Climate Technology Solutions.

Harmonic Series HHO (HOH) Hydroxy Cell

As many of you may know I have been a key player in the HOH HHO industry for nearly a decade now. Moving from breakthrough to breakthrough to now be the go to guy when it comes the HOH. Over the years, I have supported many innovators on their quest, some good some not so good. For the last few years I have been quietly going about my business not trying to do too much in this space, as I have filled my life with other things. That's not to say that they're unrelated but maybe not obviously directly. For the last 3 years I've been researching and studying music. You might say "How's that connected" well today I'll be sharing with how it is related, but we need to take a few steps back first.