Energy Conference: The Future of Energy – OCT 4th and 5th


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All-Energy Conference: The Future of Energy

All-Energy Australia is Australia’s biggest and highest quality clean and renewable energy conference. Free to attend, the conference features over 150 industry speakers across 7 session streams over two days, attracting over 3500 delegates each year.

In 2016 our conference agenda will focus around the core themes of energy storage, the emerging smart grid, and energy efficiency, offering unparalleled content in all three areas.

Innovation will also be at the fore of discussion – exploring cutting edge local and global technology developments. Growing investment in the industry is also at the top of discussion, featuring the most major local project updates, high level opportunities for networking and discussion around fostering investment in Australian renewable and clean energy technologies and projects.

All-Energy 2016 again boasts the sector’s most comprehensive solar energy centred conference program, including the Clean Energy Council’s CPD accredited Professional Development day and ATRAA program. 

Latest Meeting Information

Over the years the Association for Climate Technology Solutions has hosted a broad range of presenters covering a diverse range of topics. In more recent months we've been proud to present in Association with Astro Networks - Victoria, Mr. Barry Hilton, with his series of lectures titled "Solving the Carbon Conundrum". 

Other recent presenters have included Mr. Adrian Asfra from GEET Australia, Mr. Cameron Ashton on DIY Biodigesters, Mr. Paul Ballett on Coral Castle and Mr Thomas Watson on Climate Change is caused by Magnetism.

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Sydney :”Energy” group

Free Energy Meeting will be Thursday 25th 6:45pm Carlingford NSW

Please bring your “current project” for a “Show and Tell” talk for 5-10 minutes

You can bring DVD or web links to aid ‘Show and Tell’