Climate Change Explained by Magnetism - (Adobe PDF)
Climate Change Explained by Magnetism - (Adobe PDF)
Synthesises the scientific, historic, political and monetary issues surrounding the paradigm that man-made CO2 is the main propellant for climate change. Many scientists are coming forward to explain the complexities and the ignored lines of enquiry, and to expose the massive fraud that has been inflicted upon us.

Book: Climate Change-Explained by Magnetism?(2009) 

Re topic: Electromagnetics.

The author shows that each element has a value of gravity, and this value turns out to be a ratio between the number of electrons to its nucleus. These values can be identified to weight of matter, with a simple mathematical calculation and other graphical drawings that has results that appear to be perfect, irrespective of the mode: ie

Imperial or Metric.

Brief History of Tom Watson.

His father Charles Scott Watson was a Linesman in the SA Electrical Company in 1926, where he designed the Concrete ‘C’ channel light posts and from this income, he built the first Mt Lofty Free stone home in Stirling, adjacent to the Hospital at the top of Druids Avenue in Adelaide.