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It was just six years ago when Malcolm Turnbull, then deposed Liberal Party leader, attended the launch of the Beyond Zero Emissions Zero Carbon plan for 2020, which suggested Australia should and could attain 100 per cent renewable energy by 2020.

Turnbull, by all accounts, was an enthusiastic participant, and was particularly excited by solar towers and molten salt storage. “There is a real opportunity there, with that technology, to generate baseload power from solar energy – something of a holy grail.”  CLICK HERER TO READ WHOLE ARTICLE


Truly inspirational. Please have a listen and be inspired.


From Radio National

Bunker Roy decided to give up his life of privilege and wealth to help some of India’s poorest communities.

His experience digging wells in rural villages gave him the idea to establish a training college to help communities use technology to become self-sufficient.

The Barefoot College has given thousands of rural men and women the skills and knowledge to make significant changes to their lives such as installing new methods of water collection or generating solar power.

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Original broadcast October 2010  

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Several months back, there was a story about a thruster that operated with microwaves bouncing inside of a conical shaped container and it produced an asymmetrical thrust that appeared to have no reaction – violating Newton’s 3rd Law – read about it here: http://emediapress.com/2015/11/12/em-space-drive-apparently-violates-newtons-3rd-law/

A huge advancement in the reactionless thrusters was made possible by Dr. Athanassios Nassikas. It require no electrical power – just a superconducting coil and a permanent magnet. The thrust to weight ratio is 9 times greater than a shuttle engine. It is estimated that a unit that weighs about 11 pounds can lift about 150 pounds! Watch this video: http://emediapress.com/2016/05/12/nassikas-superconducting-thruster-v2/


Toyota to trial hydrogen car in Australia


Toyota is bringing one example of its hydrogen-powered Mirai to Australia.


The hydrogen car has taken one step closer to becoming a reality in Australia, with Toyota announcing plans to import a single example of its new Mirai electric car.

While Toyota will not sell the car to the public, the groundbreaking machine will be at the core of a campaign intended to raise awareness surrounding what hydrogen cars can offer.

On sale already in Japan, Europe and the US, the fuel-cell powered Mirai transforms hydrogen into electricity and water, giving it an emissions-free range of around 550 kilometres.

Toyota will exhibit the car at Sydney’s World Hydrogen Technologies Convention in October before using it in a road show intended to win over government authorities, the public and press in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney.

Toyota Australia president Dave Buttner says that although the Mirai offers cutting-edge technology, it is too early to sell hydrogen cars in Australia.

New Lithium-Ion Sneak Attack On Tesla Battery

From 24M Startup….With Roots in Fuel Cells & Flow Batteries

June 23rd, 2015 by 

They say bad things come in threes, so this might not be the last word, but for the second time in just a few days, we’ve gotten wind of an overlooked startup company that aims to give the much-publicized Tesla battery a run for the money. This time it’s the “stealth” company 24M Technologies, which just yesterday announced a new lithium-ion battery that it’s calling a semisolid lithium-ion cell.

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It's certainly been an exciting week since we released the demonstration of a circuit that creates 100 watts of real dissipated heat in a power resistor for only 5 watts input! We've been swamped by emails asking us for more details but we actually won't know what will be shared until we actually see the presentation by Jim Murray and Paul Babcock at the conference ourselves! If you didn't see it, check this out:

Australia testing ground for new solar power model

This was an interesting news item on Radio National Breakfast this morning where the President and CEO of Sun Power, Tom Werner was interviewed and he put forward the concept of the Consumer being the Generator of their own power.  Well worth a listen to. They want to shake up the power market and pushing more for independent power systems using Australia as the test bed and then take the concept to the rest of the world. There is more talk in this direction and I hear other companies are talking about the idea of hiring the storage for say $80 per month relieving the need for the big capital cost when installing a full self sufficiency system. He says in the next five to ten years the way we get electricity will be very different. We will keep an eye on these exciting developments.  Admin

Thursday 1 May 2014 8:15AM

Solar company Sunpower has promised consumers more control over cheaper energy bills.