It is a tragedy that Australia has decided to be the sacrificial lamb to the slaughter and willing to  become a NOTHING COUNTRY and shut down all our Industry. Even today ( June 26 – 2019) they are talking about closing one of our biggest power stations with in a few years. No talk of building more power stations but predictions for population growth is terrorizing with no thought to infrastructure, water supply and so on. A catastrophe waiting to happen through blindness and ignorance. I think we can agree things are changing for what ever the reason be it natural cycles or human induced. Co2 is not a poison but a lot of everything else we are putting into our environment is killing us and the planet. Yes we need to clean things up, no doubt about that. Plastic once the great thing is now a scourge to the environment.

global warming or global cooling – That is the question

We are now experiencing some pretty ordinary weather which must be doing terrible damage to the crop season this year. You may have noticed some videos that I put up on Global Cooling. Today I came across this guy and others on Youtube who present a convincing case for the opposite to Global warming.  Perhaps it would be prudent to have a viewing and at least put it in the back of your mind as 2018 is not far way when this cooling period is expected to really bit and last until about 2031 based on all the historical cycles.

Please take the time to view this video and a host of others., We will take a closer look at this topic and if I can find a suitable speaker we will have some meetings on the subject to explore this topic and the implications for living in such a hostile environment where the food chain is likely to suffer.

The realm of manners on Between The Lines

Here is a great discussion well worth a listen to. Yes it rocks the boat but scary what they say about the new generation of kids…


Today a wide ranging interview on free speech, climate change and the death of Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia with Canadian author and commentator Mark Steyn.


85 years ago English judge Lord Moulton, said that human action can be divided into three domains. At one end is the law at the other is free choice and between them is the realm of manners. In this realm Lord Moulton said, “lies a domain in which our actions are not determined by law but in which we are not free to behave in any way we choose. In this domain we act with greater or lesser freedom from constraint, on a continuum that extends from a consciousness of duty through a sense of what is required by public spirit, to good form appropriate in a given situation”.

Thomas Watson


Mr Thomas Watson as been a tireless researcher on this topic be it very controversial. However it is well worth noting that his research shows a different point of view that has just as much merit as any other argument. However we as an Association do not hold the view that the big Polluters should continue to be allowed to pollute. We advocate the research and development of Tesla technology and Water Fuel Cell Technologies that could provide a real alternative to the present Energy Generator systems.
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Solving the Carbon Conundrum – The Radiant Energy Economy – Part 1

The Radiant Energy Economy. (Part 1) - A practical investigation in to radiant energy technologies, the impact on mankind and the political bastardry associated with them. Compelling viewing for people who care about the future of the human species on this planet. This is a recording from a lecture hosted at Astro Victoria in conjunction with the Association for Climate Technology Solutions.