Mr Thomas Watson as been a tireless researcher on this topic be it very controversial. However it is well worth noting that his research shows a different point of view that has just as much merit as any other argument. However we as an Association do not hold the view that the big Polluters should continue to be allowed to pollute. We advocate the research and development of Tesla technology and Water Fuel Cell Technologies that could provide a real alternative to the present Energy Generator systems. In fact we could have had this technology many years ago if it were not for the continues suppression of these exciting and viable Energy systems and so we remain committed to our own humble research as an Association to assist in the research and development of hands on systems on a community basis and all are welcome to join us in this quest. 

Thomas Watson of Geelong, author of: ‘Climate Change – Explained by Magnetism?’ (2009), ISBN9780646477220, has determined that, seasonal changes occurs regularly, and we experience these cycles every eleven Years.

Watson claims that the dramatic climate changes we observe today, are directly associated to the Earth’s oscillating orbital pattern within the Sun’s Heliosphere.  Because our Earth is currently within a Negative Magnetic emission, there is a secondary natural reaction to the Earth’s atmosphere, which science accepts as variations of Barometric Pressure, which in turn, results in changes to our seasons.

He says, since 15th February 2001, the Earth’s Barometric Pressure systems advanced by 120 days, and it’s this change that is directly associated to the Eleven year cycle, known as the “Swarbe Cycle” and ended on the 22nd December 2012.  An additional affects to this cycle also concluded our Solar Processional system, when the Sun entered into a new Negative Magnetic field zone from the Milky Way.  Because our Earth is involved within this new environment, he claims that our Earth received this additional negative magnetic influence, which dramatically changed our summer and warmer, winter season, since then.

These last fourteen months has been strengthened by these reversal trends of the Barometric Pressure systems, dramatically changing the seasons, for it is this magnetic intrusion from the magnetic Milky Way’s magnetic influence that is changing our everyday cycle.  With these influencing magnetic factors, is the initial reasons why our seasons, so dramatically, changed, he claims.

Watson shows in his book, that changes to the Barometric Pressure systems, already mentioned by him, has a direct reaction to cloud height.  He claims that it is not generally known that the upper surface of Cumulus Clouds, and the like, has a Positive Magnetic influence, while the lower surface has a Negative Magnetic influence.  Understanding these magnetic effects and localized influences, shows why our clouds passing over-head, today are indeed, high in elevation, is because of this fact, they are held to a very high elevation because of the Positive to Negative magnetic attraction reactions, is why they are delivering relatively light rain.  The Barometric Pressure systems are near 980mb to 1028mb range, for there is indeed enough magnetic electrical energy there to generate dramatic changes to the Earth below with several lightning strikes.

When questioned what is happening to the Northern Hemisphere, he claims that they are currently experiencing severe wintry seasons, because this is associated to these magnetic Negative effects that are facing the natural Negative emissions, pulling clouds to a higher and colder elevation during their natural winter cycle.  (The Cumulus clouds upper surface has a Positive Magnetic influence, thus the added attraction.)

Our Moon, he claims, has a secondary part to these changes, for it has a Positive Magnetic field being emitted from its frontal surface, and it is this magnetic intrusion to our Earths natural magnetic emissions that dramatically, changes the Ocean Tidal effects.  Not Gravity. This again, he added, is a natural cycle that has occurred over millions of years.

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