I herewith beg you to seriously review your answers to the question of the IPCC being in control, directing companies to make corrections to emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) by taxing companies on this supposed emission claim.

There is professional evidence to show that CO2 cannot produce significant amounts of heat in our atmosphere.
What in the world are they spraying? – By Michael J. Murphy. Three weeks ago I was given a DVD by Mr Ray Rabanin of M & R Group Ltd. This DVD has enough proof to show that there is a world conspiracy in poisoning many designated nations of the world to the belief that they are saving the world from Global Warming. In fact our Earth is being bombarded between 10 to 20 Million tonnes of Aluminium into our atmosphere, which is poisoning the countryside. When applying this prime element, and pumped into our atmosphere as an additive to Jet Fuel to cool down the Earth’s surface. They have not taken the time to finally test their research program, for they have been poisoning the Earth over the last six year. From snow analysis taken from Mount CHASTA (USA) showed excessive amounts of: Aluminium ug/1 at 61,100 parts per million, Barium 83 parts per million and Strontium with 383 parts per million. It is obvious that these analyses results are sixteen times over the acceptable limits for human consumption.

The observed information in Geelong to register the chemical elements within our rain fall is observing sulphide sediment from local rains over the past twelve months initiating that there is something going on here, too. From my record of observed jet trails photographed with a digital camera, show these same jets Chem-trail phenomena that is portrayed on this DVD, we in Australia should be asking. “What are we being sprayed with?”; “Who is authorizing this?”, and “Why is this allowed in our Australian skies?” We are slowly being poisoned. In the United States of America and Hawaii, earth analyses is shown to be at a very low ph level, as it is killing plant growth, aged trees to a point that they cannot survive because of the toxic coatings on their leaves, stopping the natural synthesis cycle to absorb Carbon Dioxide. No wonder the science is saying that Carbon Dioxide is rising.

It is my belief that these scientific researchers are indeed on the wrong tram line and should be stopped by public demand of our Human rights to occupy the air space that our creator has given to us all.

In fact, there is a greater influence where by adding Aluminium, Barium and Strontium into the mixture of aero Jet fuels, initiates a small amount of heat loss on the Earth’s surface. This practice has just been unveiled in Australia and the base reason of why this is happening is that it reflects the Sun’s Heat Rays by a factor of some 16 : 1 from entering the surface of the Earth. This practice has been accomplished to stop Global Warming. BUT:

This practice has been asked to a Royal Society member, Mr David Keith who is associated to the University of Calgary. USA. He was questioned by Michael J Murphy the editor of: “What in the world are they spraying? and asked. “So let me clarify. 10 Megatons of Aluminium is diminished into the atmosphere would have no human, health impact?” David Keith answered “We have not done any research of any serious Aluminium in this area and we could find something terrible that we find tomorrow that we haven’t looked at.”

I now ask you to look seriously at this next part of this interview. On Mount CHASTA in the USA, scientists Francis Mangels – USDA Biologist has associated Jet Aircraft Trail Tests deposits on this snow covered mountain with this following analysis: Aluminium ug/1 = 61,100 parts per million: Barium 83 ug/1 = 83 parts per million and Strontium ug/1 383 parts per million. This is well over acceptable values for snow (H2O) as this snow coverage has been poisoned by these chem.-jet trails, droppings.

I have records of rain falling in Bell Post Hill that show a similar observation of these chemicals.

Already a patent has been taken out to overcome this: Aluminium Resistant Gene Patent #7582809, Granted 1st September 2009 and developed by the Cornel University in Ithaca-New York. Are they not closing the back door by assuring that their farmers will have to buy this gene to plant crops that are now being killed off by this high aluminium particles reading, as discussed above?

Again, I beg you to seriously consider your thoughts about the claimed, so called Climate Change being caused by Humans. Now that this climate is a natural event and that our Earth is passing through a Positive Heliosphere sector as my book shows conclusively, showing our environment will again change on or near the 22 December 2012 when our Earth enters again another twenty six thousand year cycle and when we will again experience another eleven year cycle in this new Negative Heliosphere event.

Mr G. Edwards Griffin – Geologist who has stated that the spraying appears to be over NATO countries, such as, North West Africa, Wales, Scotland, Switzland, Turkey, Scotland, China, France, and Canada. (And in Australia, but not positively proven) It is politically motivated. It must be stopped. Follow the Money and you will find the source.

My book: Climate Change-Explained by Magnetism has been acclaimed by several science personnel in Australia and England and I ask you again to take a step back to review the information that has been presented to you via the IPCC and the Australian Government and ask. Have they shown me the true extent to how Carbon Dioxide is capable of changing our Earth’s Atmosphere? When you find that there is no such answer, and then maybe you will ask: What have we been fed to believe that Humans are responsible? When you find out that it is the Governments are using this scheme to apply a taxation to gain them payment of the huge expenses that they have accumulated over the last few years.

Thomas T S Watson