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Book: Climate Change-Explained by Magnetism?(2009) 

Re topic: Electromagnetics.

The author shows that each element has a value of gravity, and this value turns out to be a ratio between the number of electrons to its nucleus. These values can be identified to weight of matter, with a simple mathematical calculation and other graphical drawings that has results that appear to be perfect, irrespective of the mode: ie

Imperial or Metric.

Brief History of Tom Watson.

His father Charles Scott Watson was a Linesman in the SA Electrical Company in 1926, where he designed the Concrete ‘C’ channel light posts and from this income, he built the first Mt Lofty Free stone home in Stirling, adjacent to the Hospital at the top of Druids Avenue in Adelaide.

Tom is a retired Design Draftsman(83) and witnessed a UFO in Ballarat in 1981 and that event challenged Tom to find out, what we are doing wrong. In 1986, Tom realized that there was a different understanding of what was believed in
Flemings continuous magnetic flow, was incorrect.

Using a Gauss meter probe, Tom found that the mid portion of a Permanent Magnet had a Higher Gauss value that at the poles, so Tom then researched for a logical answer to establish a fresh approach to his new understanding.

Realizing this, Tom researched Climate Change and the understanding that our Moon oscillates between our poles, and not over them, Tom applied his new found knowledge to the Earth as having a spiral orbital motion around our Sun and
realized that our Earth began this climate to change and it had nothing to do with the IPCC claim that humans were responsible for this Climate Change by emitting Carbon Dioxide. Tom then set about to show that his answers were
true to nature, hence the mathematical version that he can claim his ‘gw’ ‘gravitywatson’ values.

Contact details for Mr. Tom Watson

Thomas T S Watson
32 Kinlock Street
Bell Post Hill
Victoria 3215
Ph: 03 52787628

Co-Author with Dr Alberto Boretti, of the Ballarat University with these two approved Journal papers:
“Is New Zealand Globally Warming?” by Inderscience Publishers.(2011) “The Increditable Truth, the Oceans will not accelerate in Australia or in the world”, by Energy and environment Journal, to be published by May or June
2012 (16/01/2012)

Official reviewer of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, for Chapter 14.(16/12/2011) to be released in 2013.

Author of: “Climate Change-Explained by Magnetism?”(2009) and “A Fresh Approach to Magnetism”(2006)