CTS agenda for Tuesday December 5th 2011

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Venue – Alvie Hall

Corner of High Street Road and Alvie Road

Mt Waverley, Victoria. 3149


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Doors open at 7.00pm for a 7.30 commencement.

Start Time: 7:30 End Time: 10.45 pm (Hall vacated by 11:00pm)

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Welcome to the December News letter 2011.

Paul Bellet – Paul came forward after the last meeting where Cameron gave an excellent lecture and demonstration on the latest HOH developments and it was intriguing to see the effects of the high voltage across the HOH gas and the effects on the energy levels.
Rehai gave a most complex presetation on the mathematical associations of the Pyramids around the globe and many facinating insights. Really a tremendous effort for such a complex subject. Paul Bellet has also been studying along similar lines and in particular, Coral castle, a most intriguing place in the modern day setting. Paul will discuss topics along the following lines and has taken him about 50 years of research to gain this information.
– That there are some definitive secrets of what really makes up the physical universe, which they don’t teach you at school.
-Two fundamental principles that Paul would like to get across for optimum invention design are:
1. Harmonic Field Theory Mathematics by Captain Bruce Cathie (N.B. The CIA tried to suppress this by trying to buy him off!).
2. Divine Golden Ratio- Phi – Fibonacci Series – Practical Design techniques using Sacred Geometry.

Paul has exchanged over 800 emails during the past year on the secrets of Coral Castle.
Boils down to “The secret of light waveforms and sound”, this is reiterated in the Edward Leedskanins works of Walter Russell, Book of Genesis and the six books that Bruce Cathie wrote.

For those who think that all this could be a bit technically too much and would prefer some lighter entertainment, Paul will bring along Electrical Metallic Tubing tuned similar accoustically to a glockenspiel, a reverberating ancient Tibetian Singing Bowl, a couple of electomagnetically sensitive Accutron tuning fork watches pulled apart to pass around, a low powered “aerial based’ free energy circuit. Plus a pile of illustrated monochrome & colour photo books on Coral Castle.

As usual a most facination evening and our last for the year. We wont be holding our regular meetings any more but we do have at least two meetings to be held early in the year so please keep an eye out. Possibly February some time…They may be held at private places of maybe the Hall. However we will have some very exciting meetings lined up and we hope we can re inthuse those who have not been around for awhile.
In the mean time a very happy Christmas to everyone and a bright New year for the dreaded 2012.
From all the crew at CTS.

Other news

JOHN BENNETT has been very busy on the GREEN BUILDING PROJECT in Sydney and his Natural Gas engines are now being commissioned. He has told me that the tests so far show the lowest reading that have ever been read by the testing authority so it looks like a great result for John. He will be in a position to tell us more about the project and even though we do not have regular meetings scheduled for next year, we will organise one as soon as John is ready which may be as early as February but not necessarily the first Tuesday so please make sure you are registered on the web site to get the news letters.

More exciting News: You may remember Cameron talking about his friend who was privileged to have spent a year or two with Eva Reich who passed along a lot of knowledge from her father Wilhelm Reich. I chatted to Stephen and he is very excited about his breakthrough in the Reich technology which he is happy to come and share with us early next year. This will be a very special presentation so please spread the word around. We may even book a larger hall as there is a lot of interest in Reich and we will gain some great insight through Stephen.


We welcome anyone to come and give any updates or lead discussion on any topics of interest to the Association. Please let Cameron or myself know if more than 10 minutes.


Secretary: Ian Hacon 90176123 (Engin) or 94572814 nutech@tpg.com.au

Vice President: Cameron Ashton: cameron@cts(dot)asn(dot)au

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