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Venue – Alvie Hall

Corner of High Street Road and Alvie Road

Mt Waverley, Victoria. 3149


Association for Climate Technology Solutions

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Doors open at 7.00pm for a 7.30 commencement.

Start Time: 7:30 End Time: 10.45 pm (Hall vacated by 11:00pm)

Entry: $8:00 Members $5.00 Concession Members

Guests free for first meeting if accompanied by a Member

$12.00 Non Members $10.00 Non Members Concession

Annual Membership – $30 – $15 Concession – includes First Entry Free


Welcome to the June News letter 2011.

Cameron is arranging two possible speakers for this months meeting.  One will cover Danial Dingle the Philippine Inventor who claimed to run his car on water. Alex Schiffer has had some dealings with Daniel  over the years, but there is the usual intrigue and mystery surrounding Danial Dingle. We will show the news clip that appeared some years ago.

Cameron will update both speaker details in the next day or so.

I have just returned from two weeks in the Philippines and one day in Brunei. A most facinating time. Main reason was for some dental work costing about $4400 but here woulkd cost $30,000 so well worth while. While over there I was fortunate enough to visit Ismael Aviso who has been working on radiant energy sysatem that will replace the batteries required for an electric car for instance. Recently Ismael has made the breakthrough that will enable multiple amplification stages of Volts and Amps. Testing in the next week or so will confirm this breakthrough and will enable the applicatuion of this technology to power a normal vehicle. I believe that Ismael is on the right track and we will show a small video interview that I recoreded in his office at Makati, Philippines.

We welcome anyone to come and give any updates or lead discussion on any topics of interest to the Association. Please let Cameron or myself know if more than 10 minutes.



Secretary: Ian Hacon 90176123 (Engin) or 94572814 nutech@tpg.com.au

Vice President: Cameron Ashton: cameron@cts(dot)asn(dot)au

If you would like to contribute to the meeting for a segment presentation please contact the Secretary

Guests Welcome!