This is a most interesting program and extremely relevant to our interest in HHO supplementary fuel systems. The Tasmanian University had a Hydrogen research division set up and did a lot of research with Hydrogen and it is well recognized that the addition of Hydrogen dramatically reduces the pollution levels. We do need to look at the effects of HHO on diesel emissions and it could be a good edge to get into the market for those interested.


John Arvan :

01 Mar 2013 10:21:47am

Many (20?) years ago I read about potential health concerns arising from the photo-chemical impact of our harsh(er) Australian sun on diesel emissions. This was cited as one of the reasons for Australia’s then reluctance to embrace diesel-engines in private cars (eg, in contrast to Europe). Then the topic fell silent and a decade later, diesel was touted as a thinking person’s – even a greenie’s – choice for private cars, and diesel marketing/popularity steadily increased. Notwithstanding the advances in engine emissions management over the last decade or so, I’ve always remained uneasy about this trend.