CTS MEETING THIS TUESDAY MARCH 4th – Magnet Motor Secrets Revealed

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Date(s) - 04/03/2014
7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Alvie Hall

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CTS Meeting – Tuesday March 4 – 2014


THE SECRETS OF THE MAGNET / MOTOR GENERATOR: Brian Bayliss has been a veteran contributor to our meetings and we welcome him for this very special presentation.

 Brian has been researching and experimenting with Permanent Magnet and Pulsed Electro Magnets Hybrid Motor /Generators for quite some time. For years going back to Robert Adams in the 80’s, there has been many a dedicated enthusiast seeking to unlock the secrets to make these damn things work. Brian has extensive video records of his experiments and he will discuss in detail the many secrets that he has uncovered in his endeavours that we hope will enable others to continue along the same path to the ultimate commercial manifestations.

 Many of us have been following the Bedini systems as they have slowly developed since the early 80’s and are now more replicable. We have the books and DVD’s available for those who wish to stand of the shoulders of the giants who have gone before.

 Bedini has demonstrated the secrets of the pulse charging system and how this taps into the universal source of energy that is abundant in all of creation. The humble lead /acid battery is an effective means of storage of this radiant energy using this system of charging and greatly prolongs the life of the battery. Such chargers are available from Bedini but so much the better if we can manufacture our own for a home power system.

 We had planned to have a speaker from a leading Solar company to bring us up to date on all solar technologies to enable us to make wise decisions for those want to be more energy self sufficient and make sure we get the best bang for the buck. A hybrid battery Solar system would be more than interesting to also incorporate a back up magnet / motor generator as a means of charging the batteries 24/7. In fact as this technology develops it could even eliminate the expense the solar panels. So there is a lot of work to be done and we hope this evening will be both enlightening and inspirational to all experimenters.

 We will arrange the Solar / Battery, Hybrid rep to address us in the near future.

 WHY is Brian revealing his years of research and Commercial Secrets? For years Brian has had a passion for the Plasma injector and we all know any research is expensive so he has decided to put all the available resources into the plasma development and allow other researchers to build on the foundation knowledge that he has now established. He may even donate some very powerful magnets for Association Members who would like to get into some practicalities along this path.

 We welcome you to come to this very special evening and please invite others who may be interested in this presentation by Brian Bayliss

CAMERON ASHTON has been very busy as usual and we look forward to an update on his endeavours as well.  He and Rihaii have launched Rainbow Music across New Zealand and is being very well received. It is only a matter of time before it reaches critical mass and explodes. We all wish  Cameron and Rehai the very best of success as they have put in a heroic effort in the development of this radical approach to music and how to play an instrument in record time but not only that they have established the relationship of music tone or note, to colour and frequency.

There is also some exciting news on the fusion side of things that Cameron will share time permitting.

 We thank Peter Campbell for keeping us informed on all matters Fusion. Please see ‘PETERS PAGE‘  on our home page.

Please keep in mind our next meeting is in May NO MEETING THIS APRIL

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