Tom Watson – Climate Change

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Date(s) - 05/07/2012
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Alvie Hall

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Tom Watson: will be in town and will update us in the developments in his campaigns on his Climate Change analysis which seems to be proving correct. Some months ago Tom predicted that we would have a dry winter and that is proving to be correct.  His message is vital for us to take on board as we watch the political vandals destroy our country before our very eyes with ridiculous daily debt and unbearable utility costs which are bad enough now for may folk let alone when they get their abhor ant ‘tax on everything’ in. I can’t believe the insanity we are now witnessing before our eyes and when they say people will be compensated. That means  we are out of pocket and have to wait for compensation which means an army of ‘mate’ bureaucrats on $80 G paid by our blood. The last thing this country needs is more of the parasitical vermin who feed off the hard work and productivity of ordinary folk. There is not one person in the Gilard mob who have ever produced anything and run a business. They are all political parasites and party hacks of the worst order who couldn’t organise an afternoon tea party let alone a country. God help us when the I-phone text-ing generation are running the country. Unless we can find a white knight to restore the Commonwealth and assets to the people and make the Australian people the ‘beneficiary’ of our assets instead of the ‘customer’ of the ‘corporations’ we are all totally doomed from ever enjoying the country that we have come to enjoy and prosper in. We are now reaping the benefits of privatisation with the rocketing fees and charges. We are so dumb-ed down most folk don’t even know what is happening. Fuel is 52 cents per litre in Brunei and the Philippines…why do we have to lock our selves into Singapore pricing….So sad to see our country go to hell and I had hoped we could come up with some liberating technology where we could have cheap independent energy systems and unless we can come up with something our standards of living will continue to decline into the hell hole. Lets us hope that there is still hope for some of this technology to emerge. ( Had to get that off my chest)

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