ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference – 2009

Here is a link to the Extra Ordinary Conference held in July 2009. There were some excellent speakers and I have ordered three DVD’s for our library.

We are very interested in the Rodin coil and if you have any practical information as to construction we would be most interested.

We have a professional coil winder keen to have a go at manufacturing the coil and if it did put out useful power we could put it into production. So far I have no evidence of real power out put, but I am told it is for real as a Currant Amplifier drawing in the radiant Free Energy all around. Let us hope so. The other DVDs were Paul Pantone on the GEET and Moray B King on Water Fuel.


Be sure to check it out. Lots more exciting information. We can purchase more DVD’s if we are happy tyo pay for it from Association funds. Let me know…

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