Free Energy News Update edited by Martin Cole 21/10/08

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Ultra efficient and powerful Magnetronic Motor (Interview) – Because the design by Millennial Motors, Inc. eliminates more than 95% of the iron from their motor, they are able to capture nearly all of the collapsing electromagnetic fields into a capacitor to be used again in the next pulse. Their coils are ultra simple to wind, and are arranged in removable, modular nodes. (PESWiki; Oct. 15, 2008)

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Breakthrough Science: Turning CO2 into Fuels – Carbon Sciences recently announced a technological breakthrough that is capable of transforming CO2 emissions into fuel. The development utilizes a highly scalable bio-catalytic process to economically convert one of the most omnipresent causes of global warming, CO2, into the basic building blocks of most fuels used to drive transportation and industry today. (Inhabitat; Oct. 13, 2008)

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Wind Energy: Unreliable, Heavily Subsidized – Problems with wind energy have been the same for 40 years, and little has changed to modify any of this. After 40 years of heavy subsidies, dedicated government research programs (wind mills just aren’t that complex), wind energy is still a small marginal source of unreliable energy. (Hawaii Reporter; Oct. 14, 2008)

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Bakery Installs 1.2MW Fuel Cell – Pepperidge Farm, Inc., has announced the installation of a 1.2MW FuelCell Energy fuel cell in their Bloomfield, CT facility, which it claims is the largest commercial installation in the U.S. Now, when the power grid goes down, they don’t suffer. They also save 3 cents per KW. (Video) (US Tech Interactive; Oct. 6, 2008)