The New GEET web site

GEET FREE autoplans Paul has now published these plans free. Previously they cost over $200 usd but that fee gave a direct consultation with Paul as the Rod specifications are critical. Alot of this information is now in the Euro-doc which you can down load and study. The Reactor rod is the heart of the GEET and it must spin freely. The mounting method is not clear and we need to develop a method for this.

I have tried to contact Paul as we did pay the fee which entitles us to this technical detail and I have not had any success with his Australian Agent as he has not been briefed on these matters and I guess Paul is too busy to reply. However we will do the best we can with the information available to us and then we can ask the hard questions at the school next year, if and when they come to Australia,

If you are a GEET builder then we would be delighted to hear from you and hopefully learn. Please feel free to use the forum to post any helpful info.

GEET_fuel_procesor – EURO-DOC This is a brilliant compilation of GEET information

and we congratulate Panacea University who went to all the trouble to produce this document. Please study the Reactor Rod details in particular.

I have not heard of any brilliant results on the Dual, water/fuel system,but we are more than interested to build a system that uses as much water as possible and petrol and diesel as the base fuel. To do this we will use the injector system. I can see that it maybe difficult to have the correct draw on two reactor rod tubes in order to get the plasma reaction occurring in both. Any info on this would be welcome.