global warming or global cooling – That is the question

We are now experiencing some pretty ordinary weather which must be doing terrible damage to the crop season this year. You may have noticed some videos that I put up on Global Cooling. Today I came across this guy and others on Youtube who present a convincing case for the opposite to Global warming.  Perhaps it would be prudent to have a viewing and at least put it in the back of your mind as 2018 is not far way when this cooling period is expected to really bit and last until about 2031 based on all the historical cycles.

Please take the time to view this video and a host of others., We will take a closer look at this topic and if I can find a suitable speaker we will have some meetings on the subject to explore this topic and the implications for living in such a hostile environment where the food chain is likely to suffer. Perhaps more so in other parts of the world than here.

Here is a good introduction to the topic.   VIEW HEREA New Grand Solar Minimum Has Begun Are You Ready to Thrive ( or die? ed.)

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John L. Casey, the President of the Space and Science Research Corporation,  tells  Newsmax TV in an exclusive interview that everyone needs to get used to drastically colder temperatures. Published on May 23, 2015

Astrophysicist and meteorologist, Piers Corbyn, has a prediction success rate of roughly 85%…better than any of the “man made” climate change activists and proponents in the field of climate science. He obtained a first-class honours degree in physics at Imperial College London….He’s not your everyday weatherman: the conspicuously displayed photocopy of a check for £2,291 hanging on the wall. Unique

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