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Power point presentation THE GREEN CAR PROJECT

I first floated the Green Car Project over a year ago as a result of reading the Bob Boyce D9 document where Patrick Kelly suggested that it is easier to use the Bob Boyce cell to run a constant rev engine which would lend itself to an electric vehicle were an engine is used to charge the batteries much like a diesel electric train concept. The aim is to minimise the battery storage and maximise the range of the vehicle.

We are now very close to testing the complete Bob Boyce cell to determine if the 3 frequencies will in fact dramatically increase the gas production to something in the claimed order of 50 litres per min. So far we have achieved 12 Litres per min using the cell as a straight series electrolysis cell. This is not practical to run for prolonged times as it would cook it self. We have had to rebuild the the cell and seal it to prevent a corona effect between the outside perspex casing and the inner plastic slabs holding the 101 plates.

Although there is some new deterioration we hope to at least get a good test done when the coil is complete.

We also have a GEET system in the making and several other bits of technology that can be used in the GREEN CAR Project. At least we have the foundations emerging and in place for a good start next year.

Time will fly fast as it has done this year but it is hoped we can enter something in the Green Fleet Race such as a standard car running clean on HOH but with some fuel. That is in our reach without funding so we will continue to strive for practical and reliable Green Technologies.

A strange corona that did not ignite the HOH - luckily - note the plastic breakdown.

Bob Boyce at the June 2008 meeting

Our Bob Boyce Cell at the June meeting 2008

coil in the making first winding

Coil in the making - first winding

2 thoughts on “Green Car project

  1. Hi there – well – I believe that the BOB Boyce box is an amazing system, only if it were built correctly…hmmm..
    what a hassle to have to keep water in the cells – just right etc etc…
    I believe that if three totally different cells were built in that box…so that only tap water was used…and then a powerful 3 phase electronics system was designed and built – like I did eventually…to replace an alternator…and then condition the plates correctly, or coat them with a special compound – (only the -ve plates)…one would have indeed a much better system – huh.???… maybe it would produce the 50 LPM then… using total pure resonance…
    Kindest Regards

  2. Hi Maybe you can share a little more of your wisdom. Sounds interesting but even at 50 lpm. Have you achieved a running vehicle? All ears….

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