Is Carbon Dioxide responsible for this Climate Change? -lecture


Subject: Is Carbon Dioxide responsible for this Climate Change?
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2011 18:54:09 +1000

Letter to the Editor

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) seems to be getting this weather wrong.

Why? I wonder.  They seem to not recognize over the last few weeks, the high Barometric pressures passing over the continent of Australia and the rain gauges are wondering why it is that rain is not falling, only drizzle is seen floating within their catchment areas.

They report, saying: scattered showers in the western district of Victoria, and the catchment areas are patiently waiting for that heavy rain to come.

And when it doesn’t, they say nothing.

Yes! Our winters are getting warmer.  BUT our summers seem to be much cooler, too, with heavy rain falling has become a social nuisance.

Many sporting community, especially for last season’s Lawn Bowls, they had several weekends washed out.  On one day at Drumcondra Bowing Club, the green became awash while every player watched on.

Has BOM any positive answer why this is happening?  They seem to be blaming it on Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change.

I know of one sound answer.  It is because our Earth is orbiting within the Sun’s Positive Heliosphere, and our Earth’s Magnetosphere is reacting to the magnetic distribution, is why heavy rain fell during December 2010 to February 2011.  This will be explained at a public meeting, to be held at the Gordon TAFE, Building G, third floor, ‘The Auditorium’ at 6pm to 8.30pm on the Tuesday, 12th July, 2011.

For those convinced that Carbon Dioxide is the cause for this climate change, please accept my invitation and submit your facts.

In fairness, the three speakers will show you why it is that we are experiencing this changed climate, and all will be revealed with facts and diagrams, supported with a simple experiment you can do at home that will challenge you to reconsider why it is that science has not believed this before, and then you may be saying.  That is different to what we learnt at college.

We will show why Carbon Dioxide is not the key player.

Come and witness why this climate is changing, naturally.

Thomas t S Watson

32 Kinlock Street

Bell Post Hill

Geelong 3215

Ph: 52787628

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