We had a very informative meeting as usual. Thanks to Peter for his presentation. Peter was keen to contribute some comments when I spoke of Professor Plimer and his book on Global warming. Please note that the Science show will be doing a review on this book next Saturday on ABC 621. [Peter recommends checking out the document here which refutes most of Plimer’s claims.] Peter did concede that the Sun plays a greater part in our global warming than is generally admitted by the global warming community. Plimer states that the CO2 in the air has been higher in past times and that civilisations flourished in these warmer times. Peter made the point that the greater CO2 is increasing the acidity of the oceans and if this destroys the plankton and thus the ocean life we are in deep trouble. I certainly do not advocate we continue pollution and we need to look at all pollution problems such as pouring sewerage into the oceans. Years ago Chris Illert of Wollongong University talked of the red tides circling the Antarctic from the Sydney out flows. Some wanted it to green the inland. I personally feel that ‘the system’ will use this global warming as an excuse for just another tax grab with no real solutions that are affordable and an excuse for control. It is pointless buying tax credits so that the big polluters can keep on polluting. We know of so many technologies that have been suppressed for years and that is the real tragedy. Tesla, Schauberger, Pogue and countless others. If only a few dollars could be put to FREEDOM technologies. Unless our energy is totally centrally controlled and metered THEY don’t want to know about it. The debate will continue and your contributions welcome.

Darryl O’Bryan inspired us to get off our butts and get into the water cooling project so we are ordering three 8005 Davies Craig water pumps for testing and a couple of our lads will machine up the fittings under Darryl’s guidance. [Peter is also getting one installed in his testing rig (read car) running in continuous mode.] Darryl pointed out that the air temperature for a gas engine should be 93 deg and for petrol about 60 deg. The minimum water flow should be 10 LPM (litres per minute) per 500 RPM. The pump will do 80 LPM. What we need is a control unit to control the pump revs from idle to peak speed at say 3000 rpm. The distributor pulses could control a voltage out put to control the pump so there is a nice project for some one. Why wear it out? The pumps use less than 10 amps so that should not be a problem. Please see their web site at Davies Craig. They have some good gear and have been very generous to our Association so please order through us if you would like to be part of our trials.


Dyno Test bed

Cameron had some impressive hardware on show with his glass head engine. This will be an absolute gem as we can see the actual flame colour and the whole combustion process. I will be keen to see any colour changes with a Joe cell connected to a blank connection. Of course this is ideal for all fuel combustion and hybrid fuel testing so special thanks to Cameron for chasing that up. He also had another small engine with a mini dyno which will prove very useful in assessing the HOH and multi-fuel systems. We now have four test engines including the Subaru.

Marek and his team continue to test the plasma plugs and I hope we will have some footage showing the awesome plasma explosions. Great work.

I showed a short Power Point on my excursion to Byron bay Energy group and welcome Noah to our subscribers. I tried to explain the Karl’s radionic Joe cell and the remarkable effects that Karl has experienced. We welcome the Byron Energy group to use our web site and share in our common cause in collaboration.

The Floyd Sweet is a project that both groups are interested in and we should put that on the agenda. We will need special magnets made so that would be good to have done together to simply save a dollar.

Cameron was delighted to find on the web a valid report that did validate and prove that an on board HOH cell did improve the fuel efficiency and reduce the particulates. This trial was done in the USA and I am sure he will post it on this site. Many totally deny that an on-board electrolyser will do anything. When you calculate the joules of each fuel, that may be correct but they ignore the catalytic effect and how the burn rates are effected. Many have achieved over 50% improvement but we need to get the technology to a commercial level where more than the enthusiast can use and benefit from the technology with reliability. [Peter also has a peer-reviewed paper from the International Journal of Hydrogen where researchers at a University in Turkey tried out on-board HOH generation on 4 carburetted vehicles and achieved 30-40% in overall fuel savings; it’s now on the site and registered members who login can view it here.]

joe-cells2 New improved Joe cells and charging tank.

Thanks to all for coming. Ian (Secretary).