Khaos Super GasSaver (KSGS)

Khaos Super GasSaver (KSGS) is an air regulating device which ensures the engines ideal air-to-fuel mixture ratio of 15 parts of air to attain complete combustion.  The optimized combustion minimizes gas consumption, increases horsepower, reduces pollution, and prolongs the engine’s life span. The KSGS operates without any assistance from computer systems, electrical circuits, driving motors, and has virtually no moving parts. KSGS is a precision mechanical device that will last a lifetime.

What is the saving percentage?

Savings would be in the range of 15%-50% or could be more, in some cases, based on the performance of 1,000 different brand and types of vehicles equipped with a KSGS.  Savings varies depending on the engine and road condition as well as driving habits of the users.

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