Meeting Agenda – Tuesday April 7, 2009


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HAVE YOUR SAY: As always we are looking for ways to improves what we do. We want to be able to have topics of interest for everybody but we all have different interest!

This leave us to guess what is most important or of interest to you! You can help us to help you by answering a few questions and adding a topic you might like to hear about: PLEASE DO THIS NOW:



Scheduled agenda items:

PETER CAMPBELL – Peter has updated his summary on magnetic effects, and has also written a new summary discussing the physical limitations on what sort of fuel economy a car can actually achieve and why it doesn’t, which he’ll be chatting a bit about.

Also, assuming he isn’t blown up on the previous Sunday experimenting, he shall be demonstrating a new slant on an old way of generating hydrogen from common materials.

CAMERON ASHTON – Cameron has been extremely busy establishing this interactive software which we hope will encourage everyone to click and become more pro- actively involved in the development of the association and the interests that we as a group wish to develop and learn more about.


Here you can freely express your self and your contributions will help to make it happen. Cameron has plenty of topics he can discuss and is inviting you to choose the topics of interest so please click away and we will see how you can plan the meeting.

We have encouraged members to get up and make presentations and this has been fantastic, however not everyone can get up in front of a group so here you can really go to town with your own presentation with photos, video and all the creativity you can muster. Many folk have done some great experimental work but we have seen little in written reports. It is vital that we record as much as we can as this is the the knowledge base on which we can build. Brian Bayliss has put in many hours in trying to sort out the Bob Boyce Cell and he will have a very detailed report posted shortly. This project has cost us over $3000 and a lot time to find out that Bob Boyce does not appear to be able to back his claims. This is a sad outcome but the information is vital for the broader community so that they can build on that knowledge and maybe push the technology in the right direction.

Marek has done some great work with ignition systems and air motors. The ignition system is something we need to really undertand if we are going to make head way in clean burning fuel systems etc. Others are looking at the GEET and keen to develop sub working groups. We have seen some great offerings over the last two years and there is great opportunity as we witness the world collapse around us and all the more reason why we need to become much more involved as a group and establish our clear objectives.

Here we have a great communication tool and we encourage everyone to use it and post interesting articles or comment in the forum on other contributions. In other words enter into CONVERSATION and PARTICIPATION.

We invite all who attend our meetings to be proactive and self organise. We can not do it for you but can only provide the tools such as this communication tool where each member can set up their own working groups and project information and resources. There can be many spin offs as we develop the technologies and hopefully commercial opportunities for anyone who wants to go down that path. Either way it is good for the planet and future generations.



Below we see a Ram Air Wing but without the wings.We have the plans if anyone is interested in this Vortex technology

img_3252 img_4272

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