Meeting for Tuesday Nov 4th


Agenda for Tuesday November 4th meeting

* GREEN DIESEL Trip – If you would like to go on the proposed trip to the Green Diesel manufacturing plant here in Melbourne and then the Research facility in Geelong, you will need to register by, or at the Tuesday meeting.

We do have our own bus driver which is a big saving, so all we are up for is the actual bus hire.The fifteen seater is quite reasonable so the cost is not expected to exceed $20. However if we do not get a full bus it may not be viable. As yet we are far from filling the bus so we will need to decide if we go ahead or make our own way around.The bus trip does give us a good time to connect and socialize as well.

* If you can please come prepared to pay the fare ($20 max) if you intend to register with the bus trip.

* It has been great to see the number of projects that have been brought to the meetings. At the end of the last meeting some us saw the capacitor discharge spark plug which is claimed to run a small engine through water expansion rather then splitting the water. Notes are available on the web. Also the GEET device has been built and the bubbler was done in such a way toproduce a beautiful fog which is a vast improvement on the original design. It is now desirable to fit the GEET to the Subaru test engine to see if we can get it to run properly.

We have also seen several wire spiral cells on the table so it would be good to have all this and more along for the Tuesday meeting so we can get down to some real project discussion.Some folk have expressed their desire to get into some workshop sessions so I am hopeful that we can come up with some ideas that will foster this activity whereby members can have the opportunity to hook up with each other and get into some project building, either in a colaborative way or actual hands on

* Yes we know it is Race Day so in keeping with the spirit of the day we will have a lucky draw.

* Peter Campbell will have some more interesting updates on the John Bedini Charger. This system uses pulses which can build up the radiant energy in the battery and prolong the life of the battery. Some excellent DVD’s are available.It would be great if this technology could be adapted to the electric car for rapid charging. I hope our members can take on this challenge.

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