Monthly meetings have been established by Les Banki for several years. During that time Les has established an excellent foundation for understanding many aspects of water fuel technology, cell design parameters and so on. Les is owed a great vote of thanks for the work he has done and he is still committed as ever to the development of water fuel technologies. 

The objective for 2008 is to develop the Association as the base organisation to facilitate the group meetings on a monthly basis but to further facilitate a corporate structure whereby individual inventors within the Association can form ‘Focus groups’ which are in effect project development teams. Often it takes more than one person to develop a technology which may involve mechanical skills, electronic design, Chemistry and so on, as well as the business plan and investor partners. 

A comprehensive strategy is now being developed and will evolve through 2008. Projects now on the drawing board will enable the development of this over all strategy as we put it to a practical application.

The end result of course is to bring new technologies to the public market which would otherwise remain ‘just dreams’. Technologies that the main stream are still ignoring but the world so desperately needs such as new ultra- efficient magnetic motors, ultra- efficient Hydrogen or Hydroxy cells using radical new approaches for gas production at way beyond text book levels just to mention a few that would change the world forever.

Your involvement is welcome.