Sun own Crowd is a movement of Australian households taking their energy future into their own hands.

SunCrowd helps communities run local bulk-buy campaigns to make rooftop solar and storage easy and affordable. Our unique launch events, pop-up shops and personal consultations remove the decision-making complexity and confusion associated with these new energy technologies, whilst using our collective purchasing power to lower prices.

Energy Conference: The Future of Energy – OCT 4th and 5th


Conference book here for a great series of lectures and exhibitions.

All-Energy Conference: The Future of Energy

All-Energy Australia is Australia’s biggest and highest quality clean and renewable energy conference. Free to attend, the conference features over 150 industry speakers across 7 session streams over two days, attracting over 3500 delegates each year.

In 2016 our conference agenda will focus around the core themes of energy storage, the emerging smart grid, and energy efficiency, offering unparalleled content in all three areas.

Innovation will also be at the fore of discussion – exploring cutting edge local and global technology developments. Growing investment in the industry is also at the top of discussion, featuring the most major local project updates, high level opportunities for networking and discussion around fostering investment in Australian renewable and clean energy technologies and projects.

All-Energy 2016 again boasts the sector’s most comprehensive solar energy centred conference program, including the Clean Energy Council’s CPD accredited Professional Development day and ATRAA program. 

The Secret Life of Trees

According to a new book, trees and other plants have feelings and can talk to each other.

Peter Wohlleban is a forest ranger from Germany who has introduced some ground breaking changes in the way forests are managed in that country.

His book The Hidden Life of Trees has become a global best seller and has been translated into 19 languages. Tim Flannery has written the foreword in which he says “opening this book, you are about to enter a wonderland.”

Listen to this amazing discussion here   You’re not crazy after all if you hug a tree…..

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Several months back, there was a story about a thruster that operated with microwaves bouncing inside of a conical shaped container and it produced an asymmetrical thrust that appeared to have no reaction – violating Newton’s 3rd Law – read about it here:

A huge advancement in the reactionless thrusters was made possible by Dr. Athanassios Nassikas. It require no electrical power – just a superconducting coil and a permanent magnet. The thrust to weight ratio is 9 times greater than a shuttle engine. It is estimated that a unit that weighs about 11 pounds can lift about 150 pounds! Watch this video:




Stephen Horvath has been of great interest to me since the m70’s when he claimed to run a car on water. His patents are still around and perhaps his technology should be revisited.

He got in to trouble by claiming COLD FUSION in the combustion process as Helium was coming out of the exhaust. The set up I was witness to did have bottled Hydrogen but he was hitting the gas with gamma rays in his special radiation tube which we believe raised the energy levels of the Hydrogen which we now know is a very poor fuel by it self but with  this process it performed like a normal Hydrocarbon fuel. In 1979 he claimed that a conversion would be about $1700.

For various reasons he left the automotive research as it became clear the ‘system’ did not want this technology so he has  focused on the big picture to produce Mega Power using the Muon Generator.


Published on Jan 11, 2013 Staunch environmentalist, Salim Zwein informs us on Thorium; a cheap, efficient, clean and abundant energy source with the capacity to replace Uranium as a nuclear fuel, and turn the nuclear industry into a safe, environmental alternative.


Wayne Lording adressed the CLIMATE TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH GROUP explaining the many variables that need to be considered in order to make the appropriate choices when installing a Solar Power Station on the roof.

Indeed there is much to consider from the many types of panels, inverters, batteries etc. The new and exciting compliment to this is GEOTHERMAL ENERGY and how that can be used to heat or cool the home using the earth as the heat sink. A simple trench is all that is needed and not to be confused with the idea of drilling a hole to the centre of the earth to get the heat to generate Steam as with the large Commercial geothermal generators…Indeed wayne is on the cutting edge when it come to a ‘Total Concept’ in harnessing the best of both systems and also other factors like using the grey water and sewerage waste as a totally integrated package.