It's certainly been an exciting week since we released the demonstration of a circuit that creates 100 watts of real dissipated heat in a power resistor for only 5 watts input! We've been swamped by emails asking us for more details but we actually won't know what will be shared until we actually see the presentation by Jim Murray and Paul Babcock at the conference ourselves! If you didn't see it, check this out:

Australia testing ground for new solar power model

This was an interesting news item on Radio National Breakfast this morning where the President and CEO of Sun Power, Tom Werner was interviewed and he put forward the concept of the Consumer being the Generator of their own power.  Well worth a listen to. They want to shake up the power market and pushing more for independent power systems using Australia as the test bed and then take the concept to the rest of the world. There is more talk in this direction and I hear other companies are talking about the idea of hiring the storage for say $80 per month relieving the need for the big capital cost when installing a full self sufficiency system. He says in the next five to ten years the way we get electricity will be very different. We will keep an eye on these exciting developments.  Admin

Thursday 1 May 2014 8:15AM

Solar company Sunpower has promised consumers more control over cheaper energy bills.


Cold Fusion at Home?

As mentioned in previous postings, there appears to be some basic requirements for getting Cold Fusion/LENR working; that being:
1) Hydrogen, or mainly hydrogen nuclei – protons, or proton/neutron pairs (deuterium)
2) A metal lattice which the hydrogen is then loaded into, preferably to saturation. Pons/Fleischmann used expensive materials like Platinum/Palladium, whereas current researchers are using cheaper Nickel. If the metal is comprised of very small particles, which massively increases the surface area and hence the speed of loaded Hydrogen and probably the speed of reaction, so much the better.
3) Pulses of energy to get the hydrogen nuclei close enough together that they fuse into helium (possibly with electrons being captured by protons to turn them into neutrons – electro-weak capture – along the way).

Turns out we might be able to do something like this in the comfort of our own home.

Crystal Light Kit

Crystal Battery Light Kit

I’ve had the Bedini Crystal Battery Light for over 6 months now, so about time I gave an update.

Although you can make it yourself following the instructions in the Energetic Forum blog posts, I decided to shell out $250 and get the kit as per  You can generate electricity by connecting a wire between two different metals (leading to the oxidation and decay of the metals) this is theoretically different – the copper hemisphere is heated through several colour changes until it becomes a semiconductor, and the crystals between it and the centre electrode supposedly act as ion channels with current flowing once water is added, theoretically by pulling electrons/ions out of the water and not leading to metal decay.

Brillouin Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion/LENR Update

Yet more apologies for delay in news; Real Life (TM) keeps on getting in the way.  Anyway, bit of a brief update on what’s happening in the land of Cold Fusion/LENR since the last posting until March 2014, in which there are still three main players that looks like they could be bringing something commercial products to the market this year.

SUSTAINABLE LIVING EXPO – BY THE YARRA 2014 – and the carbon tax effects

A couple of week ago I attended the Sustainable Living Expo and met up with a few interesting groups displaying their wares there. I have to say as a person interested in the Power generation side of things and alternative vehicles the Expo offered very little hope. Yes there was an array of very expensive  electric bikes and I think only two Solar related Companies represented. No doubt a lot of interesting lectures but time did not permit me to explore all those offering. However there are a lot of community groups trying to make a difference and certainly it is good to support these group and know what is around so from my bundle of brochures I will make a short list of web sites and phone numbers in case some items are of interest.

GREEN POWER -THE TRUE SOLAR PROFESSIONALS – have been invited to give a presentation out a future meeting and we look forward to seeing what they have to offer in Home Power Systems both Hybrid / battery and Solar alone back to the grid.  


Well I guess you did not notice that on your power bill but on Radio National Breakfast this morning it was interesting to hear that the renewables are having some effect on the Power pricing especially during the recent heat wave. Power bills are not welcome these days but I will give a plug for SIMPLY ENERGY as I have been able to get a deal where the price per KW is 19 cents. Using other providers you can be paying 25 cents to 30 cents which for me at least is not viable.

However this segment is worth a listen to and it maybe worth our while to spend some time in understanding this whole Energy Maze so I will follow up with a guest speaker or two at our forum so that we can do the best we can so save on Energy.

Wind cut power cut costs 40% during heatwave: report – 8.13 segment



From Sol
We have started a New Energy Group in Byron Bay, Australia called Byron New Energy Group, or BNE for short. BNE Mission Statement

To establish a not for profit humanitarian group.

The group has a goal of love and selfless service to humanity at large, of researching, developing, publishing freely in the public domain for the good of humanity at large, and manufacturing, devices that use clean renewable energy sources that supply viable alternatives to those devices that use non-environmentally friendly non-renewable fuels such as nuclear and fossil fuels.

Hopefully, a number of these BNE devices will be over unity (develop more power than apparently is consumed) by using generally renewable cosmic energy sources. In this way ‘free’ or very low cost renewable clean energy may be made available to humanity at large. This mission may thus fulfill a major requirement to enable humanity to move towards the Golden Age.

Thomas Watson


Mr Thomas Watson as been a tireless researcher on this topic be it very controversial. However it is well worth noting that his research shows a different point of view that has just as much merit as any other argument. However we as an Association do not hold the view that the big Polluters should continue to be allowed to pollute. We advocate the research and development of Tesla technology and Water Fuel Cell Technologies that could provide a real alternative to the present Energy Generator systems.

Deta Elis – Star Trek Medicine – Bioresonance

Thought doctor McCoy had it good with his equipment on the Starship Enterprise? Wait until you get a load of what is coming to revolutionize the world of medicine. Medicine just got exciting thanks to Russian scientists and over 17 years of in-depth research. The future has arrived and just as three-dimensional printing will revolutionize manufacturing, this technology will revolutionize the practice of medicine.

This groundbreaking medical technology is making many people a lot of money in Russia. Why? Because it destroys the pharmaceutical paradigm and the doctors that practice it, using electromagnetic vibration to diagnose and cure without side effects yet with pinpoint precision. Deta Elis Electromagnetic Bioresonance Therapy Devices will be sweeping the globe just like cell phones and computers.

Who has endorsed this technology? President Putin of Russia uses it and the Department of Health in Russia has approved it for wide use across their nation, which amounts to three hundred million people.