If ever there was a time for a new direction in Australia it is NOW. We are about to loose our manufacturing Industry because our ‘NON Representatives have sold us out with all their Free Trade Agreements and lack of vision for this country. We simply cannot afford to loose all three car manufacturers and associated skills and jobs. It is so sad to not even see a whimper or any attempt so stop this desecration of our great country. I do not know the policy intentions of this party but I do know there are a lot of valid comments in this article and consider it worthy of everyone’s attention and invite all of us to check it out and get active before it is too late ….if it isn’t already..  

New Year’s Resolution

With the passing of the old and the beginning of the New Year, many people make resolutions for the coming year, to affirm or re-affirm their commitment to better health, improved financial stability, to improve self or volunteer to help others, among other vows.

More than ever before, Australia needs a new breed of sensible and committed Nationalists who are willing to affirm a commitment in time, energy and passion to constructive initiatives that will help our grassroots movement establish a stronger and larger foundation to build upon.

Our nation is being transformed by corrupt and an out-of-touch political elites who have no natural affection for the Australian people. In fact, our ‘elected representatives’ have not represented the Australian people for successive decades – we have been sold out!

At present the Australian patriotic movement is in trouble, represented by shiftless minor political parties, secretive social groups and egotistical individuals who have made a mockery of our cause.

These shiftless patriotic parties go into hibernation between elections wasting valuable time which could be used constructively to further build organisations in readiness for the next election. There are social groups that are so secretive, illustrating their members’ gutlessness to go public or stand up for their patriotic beliefs. Then there are self-styled leaders with dubious aspirations or agendas who are narcissistic upstarts, who end up creating massive infighting and factionalism ultimately destroying unity in the process. No wonder many Australian patriots lose their drive to be involved with these so-called patriotic groups or individuals, when so many negatives are at play and nothing eventuates beyond the boisterous talk.

There are numerous patriots on social media sites including facebook and twitter who wrongly believe that social media is the pinnacle of resistance, spending vast amounts of time endlessly discussing issues of interest with liked minded people or debating the rancid left or Muslims. No doubt social media has a part to play in raising the consciousness of the Australian people on issues of national importance but in reality social media is not the main arena.

The key political arena lies outside the domain of social media. Social media and its series of “likes’ and member status will not create a worthwhile patriotic movement strong enough to challenge our deceitful government or corrupt institutions.

The social media scene has also given rise to self-importance of the lowest order. Absurd figures who believe their own self worth is far greater than actual worth. These deceivers have only brought conflict and division to the movement, which has resulted in constructive people losing their interest and turning away. The deceivers out there are not Nationalist, in fact these certain individuals have been sent to destroy, ridicule and mock our resistance. It is time to isolate those who seek to subvert our worthwhile cause and retire them for good. A group, or amalgamation, of sensible and functioning patriots is far more important than self-centred individuals. We can only achieve progress by building a grassroots movement that promotes and encourages commitment and equity, not egos. We need a new company of people with shared values who are willing to constructively work together under a new spirit of co-operation.

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