I want to let you know that I started a new thread at Energy Science Forum here on the plasma ignition systems:|-plasma-jet-ignition.html
Many people who have purchased Ignition Secrets ask me for support for their personal experiments and it get to be very time consuming and overwhelming. Many questions I have to answer repeatedly so with this thread, if you happen to have any questions, please post them there so when I answer it or someone else does, everyone can learn and we can build an ongoing FAQ that everyone can learn from.
I’m also sharing some details on how I put the plasma ignition on my gas generator. I’m not making any claims and will not give any data on tests – at least not for now. I’m testing all kinds of things and it will be months before I’m done. In any case, many have wondered how to setup plasma ignition on their own generator, but I wouldn’t do it unless you are leaning out your jets or are adding some kind of water system.
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