I have two Ram-wing kits for sale at a reduced price, e.g. normally I sell these for $465.00 each on the Internet but here I am offering these kits for $350.00 each. Both kits include pre-cut fiberglass cloth a pre-shaped plywood wing-core, nosecone, composite wing-let material cut to size/shape and foam i.e. semi-cut to fit fuselage and wing foam (sculpted by experimenter), nuts/bolts, mounting brackets, new easy pre-glassing foam sealing kit (saves time/money), 4-in one CD-plans and Ill even through in an extra DVD of my alternative energy lectures a $35.00 value plus my e-book CD QEG!
International orders outside of USA and Canada please add $30.00 USD extra for the additional cost of shipping and handling to your country.

Meanwhile I am working on more advanced alternative energy technology and I could really use a little financial shot in the arm so if anyone can donate a few dollars I can guarantee you wont be disappointed that you helped me and yourself. As I have stated before my plan is to pay back dividends to everyone that has financially assisted me once the tech. goes commercial.

Thank you,

Robert A. Patterson