Sixth DVD in the “Energy from the Vacuum”TM Science Series

We are pleased to announce the Sixth DVD in the “Energy from the Vacuum”TM Science Series.

This one features John Bedini, and is entitled “Inside Radiant Energy – Dialogues with John Bedini.” In this film, John fields a whole host of questions about what his perception of Radiant Energy is, and then he demonstrates its capture and performance on the bench.

Finally, in a candid give and take discussion, we get to see how John Bedini designs a circuit from scratch thinking about nothing but potentials. This is a completely unique experience, and there are several “AH-A” moments when realization of this new paradigm’s foundations are revealed, coupled with admiration for John for his ability to truly “think outside the box” in an almost completely uncharted field.

In fact the existing crippled subset of electrical theory steers everyone well away from this whole arena, and John Bedini, standing on the shoulders of Tesla, has thankfully come up with a successful methodology for harnessing radiant energy that, with incredible generosity, he is sharing with all of us.

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