Soviet Nuclear Expert: WTC Towers Had Been Demolished With Built-in Nuclear Devices

As the years roll by we still receive the odd NEW revelation concerning 911. It is an accepted fact amongst any one who has researched this event that the WTC was a highly sophisticated Demolition job and do forget the WTC 7 building that went down later on that day and it was admitted that it ‘was pulled’.  We understand that alot of activity went on in the towers prior to the event and for a week end the whole security system was shut down but even so it would be a guge job the wire every floor for demolition and keep it a secret. This little story solves that problem by explianing that on these huge building they are constructed with eventual demolition in mind and have already been fitted out for demolition. Big explosions were heard deep down. Each floor was obviously charged with the spiker explosions going off about 20 stories ahead of the front and it went down faster than gravity so it did not fall down. It was ‘PULLED DOWN’. You can see how the top tower starts to topple on an angle and then straightens as it is literally ‘pulled down’.  There are still mysteries about the planes but one thing is for sure they were not passenger planes of the American Airline variety.

Prior to 911 there was no real Taliban to worry about and no real threat from Islam…How the world has changed…Thanks Uncle Sam…You have done it again.   ‘HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE’ Well done…But how very very sad for generations to come….   


 WTC WAS PRE SET FOR DEMOLITION – Soviet-nuclear-expert tells

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