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Letter to all Editors,

If and when the Gillard Government puts forward their Carbon Tax Bill and
hopes to have the tax re-examined around the 2020, I wish to question this
reason for this carbon tax with two known facts.

By 2020, our Earth will have reached its orbital maximum position within the
Sun's Negative Heliosphere and the magnetic reaction on Earth will have a
reversal affect to our seasons.  Our Seasons will again return to what we
grew up to expect as normal and will  enjoy the warm summers and the wet

If the Government is still in power and enjoying the reversed period, they
may well say.  "It was because we forced the Australian Industries by taxing
their Carbon Dioxide emissions, back in 2011, and because of this
justification, we are now enjoying the rewards with clean air because it has
been achieved with these reversed seasonal conditions.  With our leading
technology and our psychology, we have saved the world."

I point this basic fact to this Government.  This climate will change
irrespective of taxing our 500 odd industries on their proposed Carbon
Dioxide Tax, because our Earth will change the seasons back to normal by
2020 on its own behalf, because our Earth will be reacting to the Sun's
Negative Heliosphere and the Clouds will be sucked up to a higher altitude
during the summer months and will be pushed down in the winter months.  Our
Earth will be at its maximum orbital position then and will begin to return
back to where we are today by 2031.  Then the  Government of that day will
see the blunders of its ways and realize that our weather cannot be changed
by humans.  They will realize that the Earth has an oscillating orbital
sequence that has been established since our world began and will continue
to have cycles like this, every twenty two years.

Secondly, Carbon Dioxide is a Heavy Gas, 44 on the atomic scale and this gas
will never get higher than our local ranges.

Ask a fireman what he uses to put out a kitchen fire, and he will tell you.
"It is a dry Ice extinguisher." Most homes have one in their kitchen.  It
contains Carbon Dioxide.  When sprayed to the base of the fire, it pushes
away the oxygen and nitrogen and other atmospheric atoms and starves the
fire of these burning fuels, thus extinguishing the fire.

So why tax a product that has so many advantages to supporting our life
style, as well as, supporting our green leaf foliage by sucking in the
Carbon Dioxide, transferring the carbon to make the timber for its self and
passing out the Oxygen to the atmosphere for us to breath fresh Oxygen to
the air.

There are many other reasons for not taxing Carbon Dioxide but they: IPCC,
seem to be missing those scientists who should be advising the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that humans are not responsible
for this climate.  It is utterly impossible for this gas to have so much
power, let alone to change our seasons.

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Thank you,

Thomas T S Watson
32 Kinlock Street
Bell Post Hill 3215
Ph: 52787628