Vortex Based Mathematics by Marko Rodin

The Rodin coil is a project we really have to have a go at. If anyone knows a highly competent coil winder, then please invite them to our meetings as this job will not be easy. However I am assured that this device is for real and works like a current amplifier which is the Holy Grail as far as Free Energy Devices are concerned. I do have this video down loaded and can supply it as a DVD if that is easier to watch. I would like to suggest we try to fund this project and welcome any funding if you are able to assist.

2 thoughts on “Vortex Based Mathematics by Marko Rodin

  1. The impossibility to get free energy is one of the most well founded fundamentals of physics. Free energy is impossible – it must come from somewhere.

    • Hi Yes of course it comes from somewhere!! Our technology is all designed in a ‘closed loop‘ system with losses and thus…cost!. Nature uses an ‘open loop‘ system and we are in a sea of energy that simply needs polarization to make it useful. See Keeley, Tesla, Henry Moray and get the latest dvd by Moray B King from Extra-Ordinary Science Conference this year. Study Zero point Energy and study nature…. Vacuum is not empty. It is full of energy. We don’t have to burn the planets resources for our energy. It is only the greedy corporations that have denied us this technology for the last hundred years……

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