Writing great wordpress posts to get the most out of your blog

Writing great wordpress posts is as much an art as it is science.

Before we jump in to “writing great wordpress posts” I want to start by getting some terminology right.

First, what’s the difference between and wordpress post and a wordpress page?

Let’s start with a wordpress page. A wordpress page is by design meant to be static, they tend to house forms and other functions like the Association’s Classified Ads, The Members Store, Forum and most of the things you see on the menu bar at the top. Pages are used frequently when setting up a site but then not much at all from that point.

Posts on the other hand are the life blood of a good blog or website. So let’s now look a what writing great wordpress posts means.

Posts are meant to pivot around a central theme, not dart here and there but remain somewhat focused, so the first thing to consider when writing great wordpress posts is the title.

Posts are written (in the most part) to be read, which means we want them to be found not only within the site but by people who are looking for the information we are writing about such as “Writing great wordpress posts”

So to start we need to pick a title that is reflective of the subject matter we are talking about, but not just any title, but a title that people are searching for…. How do we do this… great question!

Google is one of the world’s most popular search engines and in recent year they have added predictive searching.

Try this out. https://www.google.com.au/ got to this google link and start typing. “writing wordpress posts” notice how it tries to predict what you are searching for.

When selecting a title use the google search to predict, then it’s OK to add another word or two to it as we have done here”. “Writing  “great” wordpress posts” A vast majority of people searching on the internet will use the predictive keywords when they are searching and we should wherever possible use the suggested title. Doing this we see that your post has the highest possible match to the title being searched.

OK that’s the wordpress post title out of the way, now we need to focus on the content.

When we are writing great wordpress posts we want it to be read. This means it has to be relevant, hold the readers interest and talks to subject. Let’s say my title was writing great wordpress posts and in the content I spoke only about puppies and kittens. The reader wouldn’t stay (bounce) and the search engines like google would see no relevance, so it’s not very likely to be found in the first place. It’s important to use the focus words “wriing great wordpress posst” often but not too often, it still needs to readable by a human and make sense. Search engine will penalise content that is deemed to be considered where the focus words are “over stuffed” I wont do this here as it will of course penalise this post.

But here is a image with an example of over stuffed content:

Writing GREAT wordpress posts

Writing GREAT wordpress posts

This brings us to images, you will notice above that the image has the caption “writing great wordpress posts” and the name of the file is also writing-great-wordpress-post.jpg. This all helps to bring relevance to your content for the various search engines.

Next I will talk to links within your blog post. The thing with links is they also need to be relevant so following link to the highest authority when it comes to wordpress and wrting a post: 


This same concept applies to video like youtube

To add a youtube video on this site click on the menu bar above on this (  ) icon, then paste the youtube link where is says URL.

 And be displayed like this.

We have our relevant Title, Content, Link, and Video all done

Let’s finish off with some house keeping.

Categories: You will find the Categories on the right hand side of your screen (in the sidebar), select a category that this post will be filled under, in this case “How to” writing great wordpress posts

Tags: These a the main content pieces within the post so what do you think we will put in tags, that’s right. (also found in the right sidebar)

wordpress,write,post,writing wordpress post

Above each keyword or key phase is separated by a comma

Featured Image: A featured image our video is a great way to bring a visitor attention to to you wordpress post, and by now I guess you know what to call it? you got something “writing great wordpress posts”

Final few steps:

 When authoring or editing a post on this site, below the edit window is a box called “WordPress SEO by Yoast” this is what is should look like when it completed.

Some SEO tweaking.

Wordpress SEO - General Tab for Writing great wordpress posts

WordPress SEO – General Tab for Writing great wordpress posts

 And under the Page Analysis Tab

writing great wordpress posts - page analysis

WordPress SEO – Page Analysis Tab for Writing great wordpress posts

Finally deciding you can read this post. This site makes if possible to make your great wordpress posts publicly available or only viable to members of the site. This choice is yours. If you want to keep your great wordpress post private to members then click the boxes at the bottom of the page. This also applies to linking the post to the members only forum.

To wrap things up I’d say if it worth writing about then it worth doing well and in today’s world doing it in a way that makes it possible for others to find it.