The Secret Life of Trees

According to a new book, trees and other plants have feelings and can talk to each other.

Peter Wohlleban is a forest ranger from Germany who has introduced some ground breaking changes in the way forests are managed in that country.

His book The Hidden Life of Trees has become a global best seller and has been translated into 19 languages. Tim Flannery has written the foreword in which he says “opening this book, you are about to enter a wonderland.”

Listen to this amazing discussion here   You’re not crazy after all if you hug a tree…..

SUSTAINABLE LIVING EXPO – BY THE YARRA 2014 – and the carbon tax effects

A couple of week ago I attended the Sustainable Living Expo and met up with a few interesting groups displaying their wares there. I have to say as a person interested in the Power generation side of things and alternative vehicles the Expo offered very little hope. Yes there was an array of very expensive  electric bikes and I think only two Solar related Companies represented. No doubt a lot of interesting lectures but time did not permit me to explore all those offering. However there are a lot of community groups trying to make a difference and certainly it is good to support these group and know what is around so from my bundle of brochures I will make a short list of web sites and phone numbers in case some items are of interest.

GREEN POWER -THE TRUE SOLAR PROFESSIONALS – have been invited to give a presentation out a future meeting and we look forward to seeing what they have to offer in Home Power Systems both Hybrid / battery and Solar alone back to the grid.  


Well I guess you did not notice that on your power bill but on Radio National Breakfast this morning it was interesting to hear that the renewables are having some effect on the Power pricing especially during the recent heat wave. Power bills are not welcome these days but I will give a plug for SIMPLY ENERGY as I have been able to get a deal where the price per KW is 19 cents. Using other providers you can be paying 25 cents to 30 cents which for me at least is not viable.

However this segment is worth a listen to and it maybe worth our while to spend some time in understanding this whole Energy Maze so I will follow up with a guest speaker or two at our forum so that we can do the best we can so save on Energy.

Wind cut power cut costs 40% during heatwave: report – 8.13 segment


Deta Elis – Star Trek Medicine – Bioresonance

Thought doctor McCoy had it good with his equipment on the Starship Enterprise? Wait until you get a load of what is coming to revolutionize the world of medicine. Medicine just got exciting thanks to Russian scientists and over 17 years of in-depth research. The future has arrived and just as three-dimensional printing will revolutionize manufacturing, this technology will revolutionize the practice of medicine.

This groundbreaking medical technology is making many people a lot of money in Russia. Why? Because it destroys the pharmaceutical paradigm and the doctors that practice it, using electromagnetic vibration to diagnose and cure without side effects yet with pinpoint precision. Deta Elis Electromagnetic Bioresonance Therapy Devices will be sweeping the globe just like cell phones and computers.

Who has endorsed this technology? President Putin of Russia uses it and the Department of Health in Russia has approved it for wide use across their nation, which amounts to three hundred million people.

Soviet Nuclear Expert: WTC Towers Had Been Demolished With Built-in Nuclear Devices

As the years roll by we still receive the odd NEW revelation concerning 911. It is an accepted fact amongst any one who has researched this event that the WTC was a highly sophisticated Demolition job and do forget the WTC 7 building that went down later on that day and it was admitted that it ‘was pulled’.  We understand that alot of activity went on in the towers prior to the event and for a week end the whole security system was shut down but even so it would be a guge job the wire every floor for demolition and keep it a secret. This little story solves that problem by explianing that on these huge building they are constructed with eventual demolition in mind and have already been fitted out for demolition. Big explosions were heard deep down. Each floor was obviously charged with the spiker explosions going off about 20 stories ahead of the front and it went down faster than gravity so it did not fall down.


If ever there was a time for a new direction in Australia it is NOW. We are about to loose our manufacturing Industry because our 'NON Representatives have sold us out with all their Free Trade Agreements and lack of vision for this country. We simply cannot afford to loose all three car manufacturers and associated skills and jobs. It is so sad to not even see a whimper or any attempt so stop this desecration of our great country. I do not know the policy intentions of this party but I do know there are a lot of valid comments in this article and consider it worthy of everyone's attention and invite all of us to check it out and get active before it is too late ....if it isn't already..