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Welcome to the May News letter 2012.

As stated last year we will not have the regular meetings on the first Tuesday anymore, but we will be organizing meetings throughout the year as often as we can and very happy to announce this meeting for May 9.

We are privileged to welcome Stephen Shanahan to our speakers forum at CTS. When Stephen was a young student studying at the Southern School of Natural Medicine in 1974 (where) he was introduced to the teachings of Wilhelm Reich. This indeed is quite remarkable in itself and led him to the very first Confest organised by Jim Cairns (deputy Prime Minister to Gough Whitlam ) and Junie Morosi. How we long for such visionaries today, and it was in the Confest swimming dam, that Stephen met Eva Reich.
This fortuitous meeting set Stephen on his life long journey of research into the Reich Sciences. It was here that Eva decided to stay in Australia for a year and teach Stephen her fathers’ work. Eva gave Stephen a complete set of her fathers’ books and papers. Many years later Eva even offered (to send her father’s entire) her own library to Stephen. A truly remarkable journey of discovery that Stephen will share with us and will open our eyes to all kinds of new possibilities….
* Stephen became involved in weather experiments in WA with stunning results.
* Will discuss an unexpected discovery in a panel van.
*With his persuasive powers Stephen was able to carry out research at the Melbourne Uni using all the very expensive equipment to study Bions and he was able to create complex cell type structures. His results were so challenging to the status quo they almost pushed him out the door.
* His biological studies were published in Germany
* Discovery of negative accumulators
* Photography of temperatures differences between positive and negative accumulators without apparent work being done.
* An experiment at Melbourne Uni to change a specific laser frequency – Research with Proff Korotkov who is famous for his Life Force Kirlian Photography using
the finger tips as a method of health diagnosis. Changes in health can be observed with this process after treatments.
* Construction of a mobile multi layered Faraday cage (Reichian accumulator) – Known as the Tardis, this unit is the size of a caravan and is used for extensive experimentation (performs most amazing effects.)
* Research in to vacuum tubes and life energy
* Studies in electrostatics
* Design and construction of the plasmatic centrifuge / generator
* Experiments using radioactive isotopes and magnets in the centrifuge – Just this one point alone almost supersedes all previous points as it is such a fundamental breakthrough. This technology can actually reduce the radioactivity counts of radioactive material which has never been achieved by conventional science. Recent experiments validate this breakthrough and is indeed the area that excites Stephen in his current research.

Please invite your friends and fellow scientists to this very special presentation.

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We welcome anyone to come and give any updates or lead discussion on any topics of interest to the Association. Please let Cameron or myself know if more than 10 minutes.


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