Darryl O’Bryan has address several of our meetings and captivated the audience with his specialized knowledge and experience with the Otto Engine. . We are all excited when we hear of achieving better power and performance and especially when figures of 30% or more are talked about.  Many of our members are now doing some great projects such as the Plasma ignition systems and various individuals have brought along some great projects and even new motor systems.

The good news is that the association and several members have put in and bought several Craig Davey electric water pumps so that we can achieve up to 80 liters per min. We actually only want about 10 Liters per min at idle.

CONTROLLER UNIT NEEDED: Maybe someone can assist in making a controller that varies the pump volume (revs) in relation to the engine revs (ignition spark pulse) and to water temperature so that if the temp exceeds the thermostat rating the pump goes to capacity or a preset value. Should be simple enough for a clever technician so if anyone can assist that would be great.  (The Association can fund the project)

Joe and my self made some drawings of the various housings and have the aluminum to commence machining so that we can do some testing in the near future. I have a 1980 Ford and a 1984 Corolla I would like to test run and if anyone else would like to do some trials the pump will be available. We maybe able to get the housings manufactured on a CNC machine if there is sufficient interest later on. We will see how the results go.

Special thanks to Darryl for making this possible and those with big thirsty Diesels should pay particular attention.

This will give us a good base line for us to commence some serious HOH testing so lots to do folks and we are always looking for folk with time on their hands to get involved. Sadly such folk are very rare these days but if you know anyone, please invite them to our meetings and they are welcome to become involved. We welcome  initiative.

Craig Davey have been very generous in supplying the pumps at a special price for Association members so if you require a pump, please email me at  nutech@tpg.com.au. Also I have a DVD of Darryl’s  lecture on the water by-pass system if you are not familiar with it.

If you have any comments or information on this topic I am happy to add to this post.

Submitted by Ian Hacon  –  Secretary  03 94572814