High Mileage Dreams by Joseph Danison

Since about 1977 I have been keen to track down a working High Mileage carburettor. In that quest I came across Allen Caggiano and his FIVS Vapor System claiming 113 mpg. I spent $1500 on a unit but if you read the full story you will see why I never received the unit.

Today we are bombarded with lots of political spin about climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect of the 80’s and all the big talk on solving the problems with more taxes. As time goes on it is all sounding very hollow and as you read this story of one man’s quest to help his ungrateful country achieve a greater degree of energy independence, you will see that once again a serious solution has been effectively suppressed.

Fuel vapourization is the key to high mileage and now we can have the additional benefit of HOH to assist in cracking the fuel and thus gain even higher efficiencies and cleaner combustion.  It is heartbreaking that no one is willing to support our quest to develop this technology but in time I do hope our little association can develop some  of this technology to a practical level. We now have much of the required knowledge but the time for research is always a problem. I hope this story will inspire our group to ‘have ago‘.   Ian

Excerpt…..The AllenCaggiano story and his FIVS fuel Vapour System

The first device he came up with was the FIVS Gen I. Phenomenal results on the first test run, 113 mpg! Then it blew up. Back to the drawing board. The FIVS Gen II performed reliably, giving equally fantastic results. Al began putting ads in the newspapers, looking for investors. An offer came in from a corporation in California to buy all rights for several million dollars. That was just chicken feed, Al believed, compared to the potential. He had his lawyer friend check out the company. It was a subsidiary of a subsidiary all owned by an oil company. Thanks, but no thanks! Deb was still on board at this point, though she began to get worried when the FBI came around. They told Al his vehicle violated the law and he should cease and desist.

Technically, they were right. It was against the law to alter a carburetor or remove the catalytic converter, which Al had done. Federal EPA regulations. But Al couldn’t take this more seriously than a mattress tag warning. The Gen II allowed the engine to burn fuel much more efficiently so that it also dramatically reduced emissions. A Gen II vehicle without a catalytic converter would be less polluting than a carbureted or fuel injected car using one! If the Feds wanted a fight, he’d give them one. He never backed down. He had the tenacity of a pit bull. Deb was biting her nails.

Two FBI agents showed up weeks later. One talked to Al to distract him while the other hopped into his Gen II modified Dodge station wagon and drove away. He never saw that car again. The FBI denied any knowledge of the incident. Al was outraged. He was beginning to see the writing on the wall. He advised Deb to stop worrying. He got another Dodge and installed a new Gen II. He painted the car a bright yellow and on the sides he wrote in bold black letters: “This car gets over 100 MPG and doesn’t pollute the air. The Big Boys are trying to make me and this car disappear. Help me!”

Please go to the link to read the full story. I have some plans of the system that I obtained when I tried to purchase one of his units. Hopefully I will post them if there is interest.