More Job losses as GMH announces that Manufacturing Vehicles in the Australian Market is no longer viable

Come on Australians when are we going to wake up!

Australia - For Sales - Heighest Foreign Bidder - 2

With almost all of our national assets already sold to foreign owners like Electricity, Gas, Petroleum, Water, Sewerage, Telecommunications, Rail, Banks…this is a long list isn’t it…. but it continues….. When are we (you) going to say enough is enough!

The Liberal government shortly after coming into power did a quick stock take to see what other national assets they could sell, NSW Rail, Snowy Hydro, Medibank Private and more…. I’m not saying this is all Liberal or Labour or Green or whoever, it’s not the people or the Political Party, it’s the SYSTEM itself.

When foreign companies own us they dictate our way of life.

I thought we lived in a Common-Wealth where the wealth of the nation is shared amongst all it’s people, but unfortunately this is a long lost dream…

We need a paradigm shift in the way we interface with the world. We can’t keep selling our cattle stations to Indonesia, our most productive farmlands to the Middle East and our best minds and intellectual capital to foreigners.

The answer to me is really straight forward but not without pain. No pain no gain!

It means we need to stop importing plastic rubbish (AKA $2.00 variety store trinkets) that are so badly made they are used once and then sent to landfill. We sell resources to the Chinese and they sell us landfill.

  • We need to stop selling our raw minerals without value adding, like Iron Ore instead of Steel.
  • We need to stop selling farm lands and nationally important assets to foreigners.

Instead of propping up foreign owned companies why aren’t we buying the assets back at a fraction of what we sold them for and running them in the national interest. This includes Automotive like Holden and then insisting that all taxis, public service and government vehicles and all made by the Federally owned and operated Holden Motor Company.

We have an amazing opportunity, right before us to be Global Leaders in a range on technologifs, including automotive not by repeating the crappy technologies of the past but putting our brightest engineers and designers to work, instead of them buying time working at McDonalds or the local Car Wash. What a disgrace.

Foreign owned companies should not be allowed to trade in this country unless they are 51% or more Australian owned. If it’s not viable for them to do this under these terms then they shouldn’t be here.

This applies to all the assets we have already sold. Like the long list above. We need to introduce our own Federally operated competitors to buy back market share and then purchase the infrastructure back for a penny when they grow broke.

  • I don’t want 10 energy retailers all knocking on my door offering me a better deal!
    • I’m happy to pay whatever I need to but not to the benefit of foreign share holders or Fat Cat Boards and CEOs
  • I don’t want 3 national telecommunication carriers. I only need one really good one and I don’t see why we should duplicate everything 3 times, all this means is we the consumer end up paying 3 times as much.

So here it is in a nut shell for anybody who gives a damn about the future of this country and the generations that are to come. 

  • If we are going to stuff it up, let’s do it by our own hand and at least be able to hold our politicians accountable.
  • We must run our own industries and at a minimum value add, this is just basic economics.
  • We must own and operate our own national infrastructure.
  • We must own and value add to our natural resource.
    • Let’s say good-bye to Gina and friends and terminate their leases.
  • If we have to pay more for it because our politician’s can’t manage to public services properly, well, we vote them out.
  • We must make a stand at some point and tell our leaders that we can not continue to do business this way
  • We must insist they stop selling our national assets and insist on them buying everything back and yes even if this means GST goes to 20% or whatever must happen.

This is the only way our children will have a secured future.

It’s easy to feel helpless, but we must remember we all have a voice and it is through our combined voice that we get heard.

If you agree with me then this is one of those times where we have a chance to get heard. So, if you agree in principle PLEASE – PLEASE – PLEASE – like, tweet, email, forward, print or deliver this message to as many people as we can, as it is only through our numbers that we can make an impact.

If you are happy with the status quo then remain silent but don’t complain when your job disappears!

One thought on “More Job losses as GMH announces that Manufacturing Vehicles in the Australian Market is no longer viable

  1. It really does make you cry. Only weeks into the new government and what a disgrace we have made of our selves with the spy scandal when one sentence of wisely chosen words could have averted the wrangle with Indonesia, when our Foreign minister should be wise enough to keep her mouth shut over Chinese Air space, Timor have expressed their concern about us and of course our Government wont lift a finger to save the back bone of our country. They have the power to fix the dollar if they wanted to and much more like making sure all government vehicle purchases are Holden and other incentives for our local manufacturing. We have sold the farm to foreigners and our utility cash cows and now we are turning into a Third world Country…Last person out Please switch out the lights….Oh I forgot,,,the smart meters will do that for us….We are in disgrace, we a so very dumb and stupid to the power of infinity….woe to the buggers in Canberra and State Parliaments who have never had a real job and who have destroyed this great country…woe to all you parasites who feed off us with your guaranteed Super funds and lucrative Pensions, what have you done to earn these lurks??….may you all rot in Hell for what you have done to this country with limitless potential and woe to you for taking away our Commonwealth and Heritage for Generations to come….We weep for our country so lost in its way…

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