Quantum Key – COP 17 HEATER


Howdy, all.

I wasn’t going to muddy the waters whilst we’re looking at the HHOHHU heating system, which with Cameron’s testing is indeed looking like producing a COP>1, but what the hell.  I’ve been getting some interesting info lately via my subscription to the Quantum Key (which I mentioned a bit a year or so ago – small black book with some interesting writeups on new physics and the like, now a subscription service with a much updated electronic version of the book), which includes this posting on a COP17 heating circuit by Rosemary Ainslie, which a few respected organisations are saying works (but they don’t know how) which purportedly makes use of back-EMF.  As such I thought I’d better throw it in the mix & see if our resident electronics expert Brian can make any sense of it; the circuit itself (at the end of the document, with variations thereof) uses an inductive resistor heating element to capture and recycle inductive collapse, or something like that.   Anyway, it reminds me very much of some of the circuitry Brian has outlined in the past to take advantage of back-EMF, so looks worthwhile following up on, and Rosemary’s new view of magnetic fields is included.  Also worth checking out are the following websites:
1) Rosemary’s blog: http://rosemaryainslie.blogspot.com/
2) Discussion forum re the magnetic field model on Energetic Forum: http://www.energeticforum.com/renewable-energy/4006-rosemary-ainslie-magnetic-field-model.html
3) Replication forum on ditto: http://www.energeticforum.com/renewable-energy/4314-cop-17-heater-rosemary-ainslie.html
4) Summary info: http://www.free-energy.ws/rosemary-ainslie.html

Most of this stuff was originally published in South Africa in November 2002, but apparently at the time the usual academics went to town on Rosemary about COP>1 being impossible & browbeat her until she gave up & moved on to other things, but recently (September 2008) she decided to say to hell with it & go public online.  Peter Lindemann (of free energy fame, and more recently publisher of an ebook on how to reduce energy use in the home) is also getting in on the act & promoting it (with a modification of the circuit).

I suppose I should talk about this next week, unless Brian beats me to it & has a working circuit by then already (hint hint ;-).  Please pass this on to our other electronic gurus as well; if we could get a bunch of these working then combined with the HHOHHU heater we’ll be making some real progress, overunity-wise.