The term scalar wave is often a misnomer for longitudinal waves (longitudinal components of the em wave are notoriously super luminal and penetrate about anything.. fits the collective mind field engineering)

However it is incorrect to imply electromagnetic waves are not longitudinal (have only transverse components) -it is just that the longitudinal component is often spurious or ignored or not phase coherent phase conjugation is a primary way to focus the longitudinal component of EM waves notably how mind makes flame (focus)

real solution to plasma fusion- and alchemic transmutations..which longitudinal wave component focus is also central to how kanzius caused water to burn and how prior made the field effect to heal thousands of cancers (documented by the government of France) and many related compression solution (fusion / alchemic) fields

You can see why this Technology is kept away from main stream media.(Tesla was about to give free energy to the world),..this put fear in the Nihilist  Mattoids 

Summer 2011 White TV got the hint from the Swedish Secret Service, that scalar waves are used in mind control.(what else would you expect from parasites),..The victims, targeted individuals (t i) complain, that nothing is shielding against the radiation attacks (tin foiled hats) and that they can be targeted in high altitudes or far beneath the ground in caves. This already indicates, that they are not targeted with electromagnetic waves, but another kind of wave.

Soon the contact was made to the leading scalar wave researcher, Prof. Konstantin Meyl, teacher and researcher in physics at a university in southern Germany. Because of the more than 100 years on-going cover up against scalar waves, he decided 1999 to construct an experimental kit, that shows how Nicola Tesla worked in the late 1890-ies to detect scalar waves, which are longitudinal waves, not transversal, as the electromagnetic waves.

1. scalar waves propagate with different speed, sometimes much quicker than the speed of light,
2. scalar waves can transport wireless electricity
3. scalar waves can have huge over unity effect by collecting neutrinos (free energy)
4. a scalar wave transmitter realizes directly, if the receiver is in resonance
5. no shields against scalar wave
6. scalar waves do not decay in the distance, you can send them through the earth to the other side

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