Wayne Lording adressed the CLIMATE TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH GROUP explaining the many variables that need to be considered in order to make the appropriate choices when installing a Solar Power Station on the roof.

Indeed there is much to consider from the many types of panels, inverters, batteries etc. The new and exciting compliment to this is GEOTHERMAL ENERGY and how that can be used to heat or cool the home using the earth as the heat sink. A simple trench is all that is needed and not to be confused with the idea of drilling a hole to the centre of the earth to get the heat to generate Steam as with the large Commercial geothermal generators…Indeed wayne is on the cutting edge when it come to a ‘Total Concept’ in harnessing the best of both systems and also other factors like using the grey water and sewerage waste as a totally integrated package.

On the commercal side Geothermal can save many thousands of dollars when applied to large scale Pig and chook farming operations as examples.

The CLIMATE TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH GROUP is dedicated to exploring ALL kinds of technologies that can or could be used to make our planet cleaner and greener. Indeed there are many technologies that we have been exploring that could do so such as Hydroxy fuel with normal Hydrocarbon Fuels to provide a much cleaner and more efficient burn in any engine. We explore the possibility of running engines on Water, ie: Hydrogen -The ideal fuel, clean and non polluting and we have seen many breakthroughs in this area and still there is need for more research and development. TESLA of course ranks high on the list as he laid the basis for abundant FREE ENERGY in Electrical Power and this has been demonstrated many a time over the years but generally ignored.

There are many options open to us that could clean up the planet and help us cope with Climate Change. Nothing we do in Australia in terms of limiting Emissions will change things one bit as we are so insignificiant in the world scene when it come to polluters. just go to Asia or China and you never see a blue sky. However we are supposed to be the ‘clever country’ and we could lead the way in Electric car manufacturing, Air engine manufacturing and development, the Hilton Centrifical Engine -(85% efficient and non polluting – ideal as an Air Engine or Hydrogen Engine), Let us show the way to a cleaner environment by developing these technologies and using them. Yes use the Tax incentives but killing the country with Carbon taxes just so the Polluters can keep on polluting does absolutely nothing. Unfortunately the BIG CORPORATIONS RULE and that is why we never see any real answers to our problems.

We as a GRASS ROOTS group are doing our bit to bring about awarenes of other options. See Barry Hiltons three lectures. SOLVING THE CARBON CONUNDRUM