Quadrant magazine have answered the three questions posed by Senator Fielding. Here is an extract and suggest you follow the link

Doomed Planet

“Today’s debate about global warming is essentially a debate about freedom. The environmentalists would like to mastermind each and every possible (and impossible) aspect of our lives.”

Vaclav Klaus
Blue Planet in Green Shackles

Answering 3 simple questions

by Willie Soon and David R. Legates

August 3, 2009

Why is it so difficult to get straightforward answers to three simple questions about climate change?

Senator Steve Fielding, an engineer who understands the distinction between facts and fanciful computer models, recently posed three questions regarding climate change to Minister Penny Wong.

The Minister, through her Department of Climate Change, provided answers to those questions based largely on advice from Professor Penny Sackett (Chief Scientist of Australia) and Professor Will Steffen (ANU Climate Research Centre).

The “answers” often evaded the issues raised by Senator Fielding, read more

These papers are a must read for anyone concerned about the governments actions on Climate Change. These actions will cost us dearly but will they change anything?

Follow the debate on Senator Fieldings web site and forum

Climate briefing paper Fielding

Wongs response11

Assessment of Wongs written reply

Carter Evans Franks Kininmonth due diligence on Wong


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    • just briefly, nothing that I have seen says any thing about the planet cooling, no the planet has been cooling over time for many years, why hasen any thing been said about this, the planet because of the cooling is also shrinking, so would this not give a rise to a rise in the sea level?
      what about the air pressure, if the earth is shrinking so would the atmosphere as well, like close in and therefore push up the air pressure?
      why haven these things been brought into the equasion?
      global warming on the scale that these so called experts are feeding information the politicians to me is wrong, and could be called bullshit, and to that then it is a con, another way to get a tax implemented.
      also why did Penny Wong’s letter back to me on several propositions that was put to her by Greg Hunt MP, on my behalf rejected with little interest?
      This has also happened with the state government as well. if they were so wanting to do some thing positive, why are they not investigating some of these alternative ways to save power and water?
      I to am very piss off at this and they think that they are doing our wishes for our benefit, I do not think so for one minuet, it is all for there own benefit.
      Brian Bayliss

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