Vision Statement

Man has over populated the planet and has so greatly effected the environment that it is now unsustainable for the medium to long term given the way we are squandering our resources with no thought for those who may be around in 100 years let alone 500 years.

The effects of pollution from coal-fired power stations are of the greatest impact followed by exhaust emissions from vehicles. The Biosphere is no longer able to process and balance out the millions of tons of pollutants that now enter the atmosphere every day.

Governments have shown no REAL desire to introduce clean technologies at a reasonable price. Petroleum companies control the solar panel industry and the price is almost prohibitive for quality panels.

Instead of promoting Nuclear power, the government could lease people’s roofs and install solar panels, which could feed back to the grid to supply base load. This would be far cheaper than the nuclear option.

Geo Thermal is a very realistic alternative to Coal Power.

The government’s answer is to implement a new array of taxes based on carbon, which will only come back to the consumer as a higher cost for energy and do little to solve the basic problem. So much better if the consumer can access technology that is clean and green such a Hydroxy Gas.

HYDROXY GAS is of major importance and as a RESEARCH GROUP we believe that it has been neglected by the establishment. It is therefore a priority of associates to develop and refine this technology for automotive and home use.

Climate Change is now impacting our weather to a very serious extent and its impact will continue to be exponential. Water shortage is now a serious problem and water independence for the home is now a desirable option along with grey water processing, bio-loo technology, and water purification systems.

The Heating of water for the home is a major contributor to coal fire pollutants.

Even a simple roof panel made from brown beer bottles, copper pipe and a hot water recirculating pump, can heat the home hot water service easily. There are many viable options to choose from.

Our vision is to Develop and Implement technology that does not pollute the atmosphere and enables the sovereign Human Being to be as independent as possible from the corporate domination of our energy supply – GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!