Patrick Kelly has devoted his life to documenting the fringe science technologies which we hope will beocme main stream in the more enlightened future. For now we have to suffer a Dark Age imposed on us by the Dogma Police who now run the world, but thanks to people like Patrick a body of knowledge has been published for the inspiration of the new open minded researchers. Yes some of it may be bogus but in amongst it there are some amazing ideas and concepts that need more research. I believe this Chapter 10 has some great ideas that are worth looking at in more detail. The tube array is the system I want to build as it is like the meyer system and more recently the Freddie Cell. Sadly Freddie has done the usual dissapearing act but I hope he is OK.

I like the idea of the gas plasma and we have proven the enormous boost to the gas energy when you put high voltage across it. The gas will glow in the tube until it implodes with an enormous bang compared to a normal implosion so it confirms in my mind that the secret is not so much in the volume of gas we need to produce, but the energy in the gas it self. We need to boost this energy so that minimal volume is required. This I belive is the real secret to running a Gen set or a vehicle on the Hydroxy gas.

Thankyou Patrick for your great efforts and inspirations.