It is a tragedy that Australia has decided to be the sacrificial lamb to the slaughter and willing to  become a NOTHING COUNTRY and shut down all our Industry. Even today ( June 26 – 2019) they are talking about closing one of our biggest power stations with in a few years. No talk of building more power stations but predictions for population growth is terrorizing with no thought to infrastructure, water supply and so on. A catastrophe waiting to happen through blindness and ignorance. I think we can agree things are changing for what ever the reason be it natural cycles or human induced. Co2 is not a poison but a lot of everything else we are putting into our environment is killing us and the planet. Yes we need to clean things up, no doubt about that. Plastic once the great thing is now a scourge to the environment. Exhaust pollution is a killer as I experienced in the Philippines recently and much the same all across Asia and china…terrible pollution from Engines. Never mind the coal. There is technology that could clean things up but of course it has been ignored over the years. We believe Thorium is the answer for the big Power generation capability. Nuclear but not dangerous. We need to get the powers that be to develop it and promote it.  Fat chance I suppose but surely we will realize we need to be a technology country if we are going to cope. Throwing away our manufacturing is suicide….Never mind. We hear so often ‘THE SCIENCE IS IN‘  but rarely to we hear real science discussed.  ECO SHOCK is a radio program from Canada and is excellent in terms of getting some real information as to what is happening around the planet. You can listen to any program from the web site of early Sunday morning on 3CR. 6AM. You can listen on line as well. Yes things are happening even if a CLIMATE SKEPTIC it is essential listening to try to get some informed facts. Happy Listening